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Some questions occur in every students head prior to stepping into engagement with the teaching of Aisha Salem.

Read below to have the most common questions answered.

Is Aisha a spiritual teacher, master, tantrika, guru or what is she?

Aisha has been through radical dissolution to Truth over the course of 17 years. These years has brought her to fruition of realisation in ways which makes her a transmitter of Reality, both as pure Mind, pure Heart and the Lord of Power/Her. This by function makes her both a spiritual teacher, Master, tantrika and – as far as we can acknowledge the term guru, as a guide from ignorance to Knowing, from darkness to Light – a guru as well. Aisha does however – in the name of simplicity – name herself “a facilitator of Truth”, a public speaker or takes no name at all, as the actual reality is that of her having become a force of nature working through so many levels and paradoxical realities, that it is impossible to denote her or her work through a single term.

What happens when Aisha works in meetings?

In sitting with Aisha, Source works through the human bodies and beings of the attendees in great many ways – all dependent on their level of surrender, Listening and openness to reception.

Aisha facilitates both True Understanding through engaging in conversation and transmission as well as the dissolution of obstacles on both mind, body and soul-level at meetings. Sometimes this facilitation is visible and often it is not – her being works through the space continuously at meeting, creating a field of option for deep dropping into reality, melting in Love and clarification on different levels of being.

Engaging with Aisha during meetings – whether in retreat or at evening events – is the best way to line up with her being and teaching in a way as to attain best benefit by being Seen. Holding back questions until it is (or is almost) too late, is not the best way to benefit from the meetings.

To engage can happen both by enquiry towards clarification or simply by drawing her attention to you by raising a hand for silent gazing. Be aware that engaging with Aisha at meetings overall facilitates your birth of Truth stronger than simply being in the space, as the focus on you is bound to burn away layers of ignorance as you meet in Love with the Being in front of you.

Attending meetings, you place yourself in the state of receptivity and allow for the asking of questions, which arise on aspects of your life and way, in need of clarification.

Taking some time for digestion is always a good idea after engaging with Aisha – allowing for the energies, insights and transmissions to settle in your body and being, through continued self-care into Feeling, Seeing and Being until a proper integration after meeting has taken place.

Am I suited for working with Aisha?

Aisha does not work with people who are in substance abuse, with mental illness or who overall are not in resonance with the fact of taking responsibility for their own life and Way in Truth.

For those who do however walk with self-responsibility and dedication to Truth, she is a strong guide ensuring gradual empowerments, openings, initiations, transmissions and clarifications serving to reach True Understanding and Inner Knowing.

Working with Aisha requires no previous experience in terms of engagement with specific traditions, religions or any other engagement with spirituality through books etc. What comes first and foremost – is the connection and resonance, which is what ensures a conducive cooperation on and unfolding of your being.

To work with Aisha calls for a standing in both self-authority and humility – as it is your inner authority which ensures a container for the keys of consciousness, shared by the teaching and being of Aisha Salem. A balance which even the oldest students of Aisha are still moving through more and more precise attainment of, in the work with her. It requires real Silence to break down the false and rise as the True.

What will I be facing in working with Aisha on the Way?

The short answer is; Everything! Students of Aisha go through great and ongoing changes, which awaits to become a natural way of life in Truth.

Life is change – let go into Life and you will adapt to constant change.

Stepping into working with Aisha is stepping into an evolutionary flood which is bound to change your life. The better part of Aisha’s students have jumped so deeply into that flowing river in ways which makes them direct receivers of the strong flood of Life which pours through Aisha’s being. In that connection they are moved so strongly, that many of them can hardly recognise themselves in their limitations from even a year back – or some a month.

Living a life with the teaching is however always dependent on your readiness to let go – and let go deeper. As you become ready, meeting the evidence of “no danger in letting go” through your connection and relation with Aisha, will bring you the keys to relax deeper into being, into Love and into Truth.

How do I step into the teaching?

If the teaching and being of Aisha resonates with you, there are different ways to engage with her work. Approaching her being and teaching by reading, listening and watching can take you a good way in absorption, but the more directly you engage with Aisha, the stronger the impact and deeper the dive into the river of her being. In this way the depth of your connection with Aisha determines the extent to which she is able to facilitate in the delivery of the keys of consciousness as brought forth across every level of being.

Engaging in Truth with Aisha takes place through the container of her work, called Gateway, which is both extended teaching through an online portal, through online retreats, through residential retreats and engagement with the Gateway community on Møn in Denmark.

Aisha notices anyone moving within the field of her awareness by internally linking up with her being and yet you are welcomed to write her an e-mail, introducing yourself and sending a picture, by your entry into working with her teaching. Please write to and your e-mail will be forwarded to her.

Find out what the possibilities are to engage with the teaching and her being in reading about Local & Global teaching.

Does Aisha give individual sessions?

To the general public, the answer is no. However, for students deeply engaged with the teaching, registered in Gateway Online, Aisha does extend the hand of offering individual guidance both online over Skype and in person on the island.

The depth with which Aisha works means absorbing all information on peoples wirings to the effect of becoming able to guide with precision for a life-time. Something which makes individual sessions – as brief encounters in individual sessions – a less than efficient way to work, due to the energy spent on absorbing this amount of Knowledge on each student.

Does working with Aisha involve any particular practices or techniques?

Aisha works every student with deep efficiency and according to their specific wirings and needs. Despite Aisha herself being a technician of consciousness, she does not carry out her teaching from a place of fixed techniques or practices, but rather allows for the deepest wisdom of her being to touch the student just-like-that at any given meeting. This can mean pointing towards certain practices, according to what she Hears is necessary, just as it can mean a complete discarding of techniques, where the wiring points towards inability to approach such with responsibility.

With this said, however, there is in the teaching of Aisha the continuous practice of coming into Being, which is referred to in her pointing as applying Love in the turnover from thinking and self-rejection towards in-depth Feeling and Being, in working with the consciousness through very deep and investigative ways.

Tools are offered in meditations as well as instruction of consciousness applied to the individual.

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