9 Oct 2020: Satsang & Putlock, with Aisha Salem


Welcome to Satsang followed by potluck, a night of meeting in Truth with Aisha Salem and the Gateway community.

We will start off with Satsang with Aisha. A chance for a deeper surrender, exploring the edges of your perception in the meeting and merging with Reality – with the Being of Aisha. Afterwards we will enjoy a meal together from buddet with food provided by everyone. Please bring a dish.

Welcome to bring a cushion, rug, yoga mat or blanket for your comfort, in addition to the provided backjack chairs.

And we ask that you please respect the space and house, and help in cleaning up after the event.


Nari Village, Risbækvej 3, 4791 Borre, Møn

6 – 10 pm (approx.)

PLEASE NOTE: Doors open at 5.45pm, please arrive in Silence.

Sign-Up & Exchange

In the name of simplicity please simply click “Going” on the facebook event here, to make your arrival known. Note: Please do not click “going”, unless intending to go – so we can count on the numbers tea and snack-wise.

The exchange is 120 DKK, brought in cash and delivered into the basket on the table upon arrival.

There is plenty of space to park at the centre and also a bus stop nearby (667 bus route).

PLEASE DO WRITE on this event between you to sort car-pooling, in case you do not have car and it should be possible to sort rides amongst you.

Please arrive on time, so we can begin on time. Door closes for further arrivals at 6pm.

If you are new to Aisha’s teachings, you are invited to explore videos, articles and recordings on her website www.aishasalem.com.

You are also welcome to join the Truth on Møn Facebook group to connect with the community, ask questions etc.

Alternatively contact moen@aishasalem.com for any further support.


Date: 09/10/2020
Time: 18:00 - 22:00

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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