6 Jan 2020: Digestion Session & Potluck Gathering, Møn

Welcome to the 2nd Event in the Winter Programme of Aisha Salem.

This Digestion Session is an open invitation for the people walking with the teaching of Aisha Salem.

A chance to meet in mutual Presencing – in meditation, conscious sharing and silence together, in a safe and structured context.

We learn from each other’s resolutions, we support each other with the Presence of Silence and Seeing and we open this space of digestion on the deep grounds of the teaching of Aisha Salem.

Please note, Aisha will not be attending this event.

The session will be followed by a few hours of sharing food and sweet company.

Please bring with you a vegetarian dish to share.
Please also bring anything you may need to sit on to be comfortable.

In the name of simplicity please simply click “Going” in the Facebook event, to make your arrival known. Note: Please do not click “going”, unless intending to go – so we can count on the numbers.

Nari Village, Risbækvej 3, 4791 Borre, Møn

There is plenty of space to park at the centre and also a bus stop nearby (667 bus route).

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event starting and place your food in the kitchen.
You are invited to spend these minutes landing in silence, on your own, summing up your current state of affairs. You can Feel into it and allow your puzzle-pieces to come together, so you are ready to benefit from the Silent Witnessing of your digestion group, in whatever is moving for you at present time.

Please contact moen@aishasalem.com for any further support.



Date: 06/01/2020
Time: 17:00 - 21:00

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