27-29 Nov 2020: Harmony Online Retreat


The basis of our human existence, in this time, is in many ways resting on a foundation of noise and dissonance. To assume this to be our outset, is a very sad and inaccurate assumption. Our outset – prior to living lives on a base of woundings, trauma and human misunderstandings – IS Harmony.

In this online retreat Aisha will share on the living of Harmony as the base of co-existence. A coexistence wherein respect, self-responsibility, care and natural unity is the emergence and unfolding of our lives. The basics of living a life in harmony are thoroughly un-known to us in this time, and clarity around self-responsibility, responsibility in relating and movement from a wholly inclusive and connected ground can seem hard to fathom.

Join us for another truly profound online retreat with engagement in enquiry, transmission, meditations, sacred and sound teachings of Truth along with deep connection and humor.

The Online Retreat Includes:

  • 2 daily transmissions in 45-minute guided meditations with Aisha Salem
  • Daily Evening talks with Aisha integrated with Q&A
  • Daily movement meditations for online-streaming (Saturday & Sunday)
  • A set of daily contemplations for your deeper engagement with and investigation of Truth in You on the topic
  • A full set of Retreat@Home guidelines, written by Aisha, for preparation and optimal conduct of best benefit during retreat
  • A full month of access to the recorded material, starting after the Online Retreat, for your onwards integration of and work with the online retreat transmission.

Scheduled streamings during retreat  (all times in CET)

5pm – 5.45pm : Guided meditation – incl. direct instruction of consciousness
6pm – 6.45pm : Silent/Guided meditation – incl. direct instruction of consciousness
8pm – 10.00pm: A Talk with integrated Q&A

A suggested day-schedule for the online retreat incl. the movement-meditations and contemplations is found within the online retreat space, made available to you at purchase.

Booking & Exchange

170 EUR (10% off for Gateway members)

Please book online. 


Date: 27/11/2020 - 29/11/2020
Time: 17:00 - 22:00

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