2-5 Jan 2021: Retreat on Møn, Denmark


You are invited to join Aisha Salem in the New Years retreat 2020/21. The retreat entails waves of sessions with Aisha with a group of highly dedicated people, wherein direct transmission and impact by the meeting with Reality facilitate the individual.

In between sessions, the group is well supported in transition, by Aisha’s caring team, in digestions sessions, yoga etc.

The sessions with Aisha flow between talks & conversation/Q&A, sittings/meditations under vocal transmission and movement – of engaging with highly potent and strongly mixed music, by Aisha herself.

The New Years retreat has – as its centre-piece – the New Years Celebration & Ceremony. Join us with a deeply committed field of people to Meet and transition into the new year, with ceremony led by Aisha Salem in a full night of ceremony, session and celebration. The evening will in addition have music, bonfire and more.

We welcome you to a special retreat – with New Years passage – of shedding the old and emerging inside the new year with Grace, Freedom and Deep Dedication.

Full details of the retreat and sign-up will be released during 2020.

Time & Place

2-5 Jan 2021, more details will be released later this year

Residens Moen

Booking & Exchange

Full details of the retreat and sign-up will be released later this year.

Date: 02/01/2021 - 05/01/2021
Time: 12:00 - 15:00

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