22-24 Feb: Online Retreat Pure Passion – Pure Power

Online Retreat Description

On our Way of Truth, we stand before the many aspects of life, which awaits our purification and entry into a healthy and responsible relationship with it. Our passion and in turn power, is at the very Heart and Core of all of our doings. Something which in our recognition and meeting with Reality needs our dissolution of identity, return to innocence, Love and attention, for our Way to turn towards that of sustainability – both for our selves as human beings and any part of existence with which we engage.

This retreat is a follow up to the 2018 online retreat “Enjoyment, passion & pure power”, but having attended the first one not a pre-requisite for attendance. Aisha Salem will take you Deeper into the Seeing and Being of The Divine Feminine, as She opens the door for the deeper investigations and teachings following our stepping up to receive the Power of Her deeply into our innocence, self-love and Holding and living from the center of the Feminine as pure passion & pure power.

Welcome to another opportunity to Dive Deep with Aisha in transmission & initiation, in True Understanding and revelation of our deepest potential and responsibility in becoming True, whole and Naked in Feminine Spirit. The retreat is for men and women both – as the fact of the Feminine Spirit being what balances our masculine side in this world, and brings true wisdom to Life.

The Online Retreat Includes:
  • 2 daily transmissions in 45-minute guided meditations with Aisha Salem
  • Daily Evening talks with Aisha with integrated Q&A
  • Daily movement meditations for online-streaming (Saturday & Sunday)
  • A set of daily contemplations for your deeper engagement with and investigation of Truth in You on the topic
  • A full set of Retreat@Home guidelines, written by Aisha, for preparation and optimal conduct of best benefit during retreat
  • A full month of access to the recorded material starting after the Online Retreat for your onwards integration of and work with the online retreat transmission.
Scheduled streamings during retreat  (all times in CET)

5pm – 5.45pm : Guided meditation – incl. direct instruction of consciousness
6pm – 6.45pm : Silent/Guided meditation – incl. direct instruction of consciousness
8pm – 10.00pm: A Talk with integrated Q&A

Note: A full schedule for conducting the online retreat incl. the movement-meditations and contemplations is found within the online retreat space, made available to you at purchase.


The Online Retreat takes place via a well-wired online retreat-space, holding all necessary information, which you will get access to immediately after purchase. Streaming takes place via ZOOM and all meetings are recorded and made available within 24 hours after each streaming.

Exchange & Sign-up

Attending the Online retreat is 170 EUR.

Please secure your participation via the event in the shop.

Facebook Event

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Date: 22/02/2019 - 24/02/2019
Time: 17:00 - 22:00

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