1-3 May 2020: Women’s Initiation Weekend, Møn


You are invited to a weekend-long journey of initiation and deep celebration with like-minded women – into the profound Beauty and Sacredness of the True Feminine Essence.

The weekend is based on an invitation by Aisha Salem, to pass on keys of consciousness and guidance on women’s practice, teachings and initiations into the True Woman. Welcome to a celebration of the force of nature, the power of creation and a solid clarification on women’s potential.

The weekend invites you for some days of deep and intimate exploration, clarification and initiation with Aisha Salem. By engagement in feminine practices along with ongoing movement to in-depth music-mixes by Aisha, also with talks to Awaken, Clear and Come Alive in a field of profound and true All-Inclusion.

We start with a movement journey on Friday from 4pm (arrival from 1pm) and finish 4pm afternoon on the Sunday. Please see the schedule below.

Date & Location

1 May, 4pm – 3 May 4.30pm, 2020

Sessions start: 1 May, 4pm (check-in at 3pm)

Sessions finish: 3 May 4.00pm, 2020 (check out 2pm, storage of luggage)

Residens Moen, Langelinie 44, DK-4780 Stege
Web: www.residensmoen.dk

Friday 1st
4-5:30pm – Welcome & Musical journey, *mix by Aisha
6-7pm – Nurturing women’s dinner
7:30-9:30pm – The Big She & Divine Manifestation – talk, meditation & initiation

Saturday 2nd
8.15-9.15am – Blessed breakfast buffet
10-12am – Deep-end musical movement journey, *mix by Aisha
1-2 pm – Luscious lunch buffet
3-4.30pm – *Unfolding the Wombs Wisdom* – Womb meditation & sound practice
6-7pm – Nurturing women’s dinner
8pm-10pm – A talk of Intimacy & Infinity incl. women’s council/Q&A
>10pm – Oceanwalk (optional)

Sunday 3rd
8.15-9.15am – Blessed breakfast buffet
10-12am – Musical movement journey, *mix by Aisha
12.30-1.30pm Luscious lunch buffet (2pm check-out)
2.00-4.00pm – A talk on Female Practice – woman’s core points in Truth-cultivation

Booking & Exchange

Book online here

  • Off-site Participation incl. Lunch & dinners*: 350.00 € / 2.600 DKK
  • Double room no board (self-cooking option)*: 385.00 € / 2.850 DKK
  • Double room incl. full board*: 470.00 € / 3.500 DKK
  • Single room no board (self-cooking option)*: 495.00 € / 3.700 DKK
  • Single room incl. full board*: 590.00 € / 4.400 DKK

Booking closes: Wednesday 15th April 2020, 12pm.

Date: 01/05/2020 - 03/05/2020
Time: 12:00 - 15:00

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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