Eternal Paradoxical Nature

The realisation of Self is no longer limited to the discovery of pure Self, of God, or of Source through transcendence of existence. Due to the specific place in evolution, which we are at, at this point, there is an invitation to bring God to Earth through the very embodiment of realisation – of transparency, not just of the mental structure and dissolve of the belief-system, but through the healing of every single misunderstanding across every part of Being, which points towards the misunderstanding of identification and separation from reality itself.

To embrace Truth fully as the full embodiment of God in form, we cannot rely or simply lean towards transcendence of the body and body-image. We need to embrace every single aspect of Being to truly revert the body’s structure and belief-system, in terms of allowing the erasing of the aspect of time and its root in identification with the body, and in terms of both past and future. Not just on a mental level, but across the entire human Being – as in every single cell – which therein must be turned over to the fact of Real transparency and the burn-out of belief, thereby allowing the actual outshining of Reality straight from the Source. Herein lies our true and greatest potential. And This… This is what needs our surrender, our dedication, our realization.

We came to find out who we are, and in the emptying out of internal limitations, we invite the fact of our Self, which reveals God as the One and Only, to outShine itself as pure Life.

It means, that we cannot just reside in either Heart or head-space when it comes to realization. It means we must embrace the healing of every single misunderstanding – across all layers of Being – all the way from the bottom of our Beings to the very top. From toe to fingertip, from the genitals to the top of the head.

There is no room for principles. No room for ideas or half-hearted dedication. We must uncover… The black hole of non-existence which is the base of Being – the basic Space awaiting our dis-covery in and as the head-space. It means we must embrace the true nature of our Hearts and the truly responsible surrender to its unfolding and Light. It also means we must embrace our sexuality in its core of – and as pure Power. The transparency of all of these three entries to Truth combines all of realization into the one single reality of Truth realized, and of it being brought into the bodily structure – re-wiring the very flesh, and specifically its operating-system, into the very living embodiment of God.

There is no de-personalisation of Truth, of God, when the full embrace happens in integration. Everything which dissolves in terms of identification and the identity structure is deeply called into- and internalized as the core of pure Being – the deeply intimate embrace of Life across the entirety of human existence. We will no longer find any judgement of any part of Being. We will no longer be able to tell any part of existence apart from any other. The darkness becomes the Light. The Light becomes the darkness. The Source of non-existence becomes the totality of Being which in turn becomes our very individual Self.

It also co-creates every single paradoxical fact of Truth within one’s very own Being. No underlying logic of existence or Life remains (that of Love as being anything but everything and every single instance and display of me). One becomes the mastered and the master, the natural, instinctual and super natural. One becomes Life and the living, the very nature of empty Being and the fact of Reality.

It is overwhelming to the mind which is bending, to watch the logic of Love (as being any particular display) curl like a piece of tin-foil. It is the loss of every/all particular (directed/direction of) logic across every single layer of Being, which allows the full blooming of the reality of co-existence between every single appearance of perception from Nothing to God to the very individuality. With no thought owned, we simply need to embrace the paradoxes with no parting in right or wrong – this or that. To end the rejections of any part of reality and leave mind un-conclusive – un-settled in any part of reality, but open to the fact of this and that and none of it.

Leaving the mind space open is equal to having no leg to stand on – just as it is the total arrival leaving you standing on both legs as the total appearance of your Self. It is the fact of no responsibility, just as it is the fact of the total embrace of responsibility for every single detail, which pertains to everything that has anything to do with you. It is the cry of infinity across the field of mortality. The occurrance of immortality unfolded through the fact of total vulnerability.

It is reality, my Friends, the reality of the fact of the next step of realization, which transcends the idea of transcendence (as a removal from the ground of Being being the very ground we stand on) in the appearance of Love across existence – a Love that reaches so far into our selves, that it reveals the single Soul of Self as our very own appearance through complete dis-appearance. It is the emergence of true feeling inverted and playing with the fact of pure Mind, which gives birth to our very Being as Truth and transparency across the Universal Being.

My God, God is Great, may All Bend to the realization of the very fact of Its appearance, which leaves us small as Big, non-existent as Being the very Existence itSelf through any moment displayed as time.

(An article written in July 2013 by Aisha Salem,

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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