Emptiness & Existence – the Full embrace of Truth

The complete embrace of Truth unfolds the realisation of both the Relative and the Absolute. As One within the other and yet as One and the Same.
It produces a flexible result – where All of Life is included and integrated, as the Existence of All which is, within the fact of basic Space.
For realisation to unfold in its greatest potential, it must happen through the dis-covering of- and surrender to Life, as well as the Space in which It moves. The male- and female aspect is, in other words, not only about energy and matter, but Existence and non-existence.

The realisation of God, means that Everything by inclusion- and realisation of sameness, in- and as Space, is integrated as a part of one’s being, by the breath of consciousness.

Attainment of this requires the full realisation, stabilisation and balance of both the male and female aspects, in a way where a flexibility and expanse of being becomes the ground for deeper (and always deeper) integration between the two. The realization of Emptiness is the higher realization of the two aspects, since One exists within the other. The purification of the Heart, hence the realization of God, is however equally as important as the realization of Emptiness in reaching the highest attainment, since only together do they portray a completion of All and Nothing as two sides of the same coin. A time of embracing fully the Heart and its Way and a time of falling into complete Emptiness are both necessary, for Reality to come about.

If we reject either aspect – God/Life or Emptiness, our being becomes unbalanced. The result can only be either a human being caught within belief in Existence, or a consciousness disconnected from Existence, from Life. The realization of either aspect demands full surrender to the reality and realizations it portrays, and the complete letting go of any knowledge attained at any moment. Grab any realization as true, and you are stuck with it – either within Existence or non-existence.

If we embrace both God (Life) and Emptiness as different- but equally valid aspects, our being turns perfectly round and flexible. The knowledge uncovered within either aspect, of Life (by inclusion) or Emptiness (by falling out), is, by the Demand of perfection and true Liberation, transferred between the two aspects. By consciousness breathing, an integration happens between all levels of being and non-being as One is moved further in the integration between the two aspects. An integration, which thereby aligns the human existence, with the expanse of Emptiness.

For this to happen, we have to go beyond identification completely – with both Life and Emptiness. Only ego insists on any aspect being more true than the other, and only ego seeks a highest Truth. By the disappearence of the seeker and insisting entity, the appearence of anything and everything within the expanse of our being; is allowed fully to rise, be recognized, and disappear into the same suchness – as appearences within the expanse of basic Space. By the breath of consciousness, we get accustomed to (and hollowed out by) the disclosure of phenomena -by their rising and cessation – and thereby come to relax fully, with the fact of no experience (being real and so not worth the attention of being someone looking at it). And so Life gets to unfold deeper into basic Space as Being, without any identification happening.

Purification of Heart – embrace of pure Existence

In the embrace of Truth on any (every) existential level, our consciousness grows with the realization of Heart’s True (Empty/open) nature. This realization allows for the disclosure of the highest Being in its purest form. Pure Energy as the vibration of All Life. To realize the Heart, one must embrace the fact of Existence in its highest form. The meeting with Love, pure Life-energy, creates the possibility for us to realize our highest being. That, which is called God.

A fact of the universe is Life’s self-sustaining ability. It is the Truth of God – of Life. In embracing this fact, purification of the heart happens. Love is thereby a fact, which we need to embed in our understanding and way of living as thinking, feeling, talking and acting, simply because of the necessity of the alignment with- and realization of the female aspect of Truth, which Existence covers. Without this part, our human existence cannot be cleared from its egoic structure based on control and fear.

At the outset of being born, our bodies function from the level of instinct and needs based on the preservation of our body. At the turnover of that which we call growing up, the reaching of sexual maturity, desire rises as a principle of repetition – natures calling towards re-production. A growth of this principle leads our innocent Existence in non-existence down into an existence as matter within Existence. It is the rise of identification.

By the following of one’s inner voice, in the demand for Truth, the building of great strength and courage of Heart happens, as we retrace our steps from identification with matter back to our True Existence as God. This strength rises in the re-gaining of Trust in our Selves, in Life, as it is found within the Heart of man and realized to be emanating through All else simultaneously. Through the playing out of one’s Heart and its callings, the cessation of duality (the mutual existence of the voice based on desire for repetition and the voice of our True Self in/as Heart) happens. As trust is gained, the basis for contraction into an individual controlling point (ego) ceases to exist and one dares to let the drop disappear into the ocean.

Love in its purest form is equal to pure Life, and has no connection to emotionality. It is the hard fact of the Universe, which by one’s alignment with it, includes the Life and living of all beings into the equation of one’s own Existence. By the reach of purity- and clarity of heart, one’s seeing of one’s Self becomes the seeing of All Life – in- and as the disclosure of All that is. The surrender to Truth of Life, offers the realization of no distinction between God, Life, Love and your Self – all different names for the same. Only by demanding one’s life to be lived – in work, thought, breath, action, speech – according to Life’s self-sustaining ability (Love), can we cover the span from identification with matter, to the purification reached on any (and every) existential level.

By listening to the Heart and obeying its demand to live fully and truly (and thereby learning to love our True Self, overruling the belief in any individual/separated self), we receive injection after injection of Life. These injections serve to clear out the difference between Life (as One) and living (amongst many). The meeting with Life burns away the body’s habitual operation of existence from “an individual point of view” (as an individual being separated from the world). The alignment between the body’s understanding of “a Life of its own” and the fact of All Life  results in a body moving, breathing, acting and thinking completely in accordance with the highest principle. Simply in making space by letting go and embracing simplification (with no distinction- between inner and outer), in every corner of our lives, according to Truth of Love/Life, does the human existence align itself with the fact of the Universe – the highest Existential Truth.

Purification of Mind – the embrace of Non-existence

The opposite aspect of Existence, is that of non-existence. Purification of the Heart reveals the One behind All – our True Self to be Everything. But the letting go into Emptiness reveals no-One. It is a relaxation into utter blackness, the Void of non-existence, where all illusion including that of Life itself – One’s own Existence – ceases to exist.

By our falling into Emptiness and out of Existence, the male aspect of Truth is revealed. A breathtaking, mindblowing, heartbreaking, simply demolishing vastness of Emptiness – of Silence. The embrace of this Emptiness allows the complete falling out of Existence, and is therefore best described as the death of the “I”. It is the dropping out of existence, which can only happen by the dissolve of every belief – including the one in God/one’s Self. The necessity of agreement to simply cease to exist – in other words to die as anything at all, to remain as that which always was – makes possible the revelation of Basic Space.

Basic Space cannot be fully revealed in any other way, but by the embrace of complete Silence – with every part of one’s Self. Simplification and retreat leads up to this, as a natural movement, since the very maintaining of activities (and use of Energy), is an obstruction and diversion from our dying into It. By retracting our use of energy and Life, and in step by step meeting and daring to breathe easy into this black Emptiness, we allow the dissolving of the whole bonfire of Life/Love (which has been developed by following the Heart’s passion and regrowing of Trust in Life).

In having reached complete trust and thereby the ability to relax with the Void, the “I” explodes into bits and pieces. The belief in the Existence, which by the explosion turns into dis-associated fractions of Self floating in Empty Space, dissolves into the Emptiness. Life seems to disappear – by our losing the sight of it as anything at all – by embracing the Void completely. By the revelation of basic Space, we cannot insist on any of the realizations we had within Existence, or our Self will not Self-destruct (and basic Space not be realized).

As we, in trust, stay with the Silence, Emptiness (but without insisting on the realization of it), the integration between Heart’s Wisdom and Basic Space proceeds. It looks like the automatic rising of Life within Space. The play of Life – in all its diversity of phenomena and manifestation – thereby rises within the Void (but only as Love and never as a sliding down into desire based existence and action (which is re-introduction of Ego/identification)), which we have now come to know as sameness in our unmoving and unchanging non-existence. In our participation with the world, as Love (with Heart’s realization, no identification happens with the male aspect either); the rise of Life. By activity’s cessation; the end (integration) of It. We do neither fear the Existence rising as pure Life or non-existence of dissolving same into pure Space, and so true Liberation becomes the result. And so every rise of energy results in deeper integration between the aspects. An outshining of Life, from the Heart of our being, which for each and every one of us is our body.

Dropping into Emptiness does not by itself illuminate and dissolve the existence of the egoic structure on any existential level – realization of Space stands only as its own uncovering of non-existence. The first dissolving of Self into Emptiness is the hardest, since we move out of our belief in existence and into the Void for the first time and so have to pass the gates of death, which provokes- and initiates our body’s instincts of survival. It is the following breath of consciousness however, as it follows in the embrace- and re-embracing of Hearts wisdom with the rising of Life, which, as it dissolves again and again into Space, makes realization of Emptiness blend with that of Existence. Only this transformation can completely remove all illusory impressions.

We do not need to believe in any emotional version of Love, but we do need to submit to the Heart’s voice and allow whatever it commands to be carried out in living, to attain the Wisdom of God as our True Self with our human existence. Hereby reversing the falling into identification with matter, back into the complete alignment with Life as the One mover of our body.

Integrating Heart’s true nature is the hardest part, since it requires surrender of all parts of ignorance, which follow individual Existence, identification and control. The realization of God might seem like a big deal, since its result is visible as pure Life, but in fact, the realization of Emptiness is more profound, as it reverses even the birth into Life. The integration between the two is, however, the the full embrace.

(An article written in 2011 by Aisha Salem, www.aishasalem.com)

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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