Dying in the Arms of the Mother

Oh Beloved Immortal
How She Dances
As I leave my wits
She calls me Silently
with a Whisper Divine
Feeling her Gentle Fingers
I am Drawn into Her Song
Knowing Fully She is the End of Me
I Still cannot resist Her Call
Delighting in Her Sumptuous Lips
Her Opulent Grace
I Taste Her
Taste Her Again
The Only Longing
Mother is She
Charging at Me with Her Black Silence
With Her Intoxicating Scent
I Die to her Soft Darkness
Letting my guard Down
Loosing Ideas
Loosing MySelf
Intentionally exposing my Neck
She Will Take it, Take it All
Knowing Nowhere I would Rather Die than in Her Arms
Catching a Glimpse
of Her Ruthless Scimitar
Trusting her Decision of my fate
I Taste Her
Taste Her again

My Soul Alive
Love Her through the Transient
Leaving All Behind
for Her Whisper – Just Once More
The Only Source of My Longing
Feeling Her Blood Pulsing through my Veins
Delighting in Her Integrity I Stand
Delighting in Her Strong Legs i Run
Tasting Her passionate lips I Drink and Get Drunk
Over and Over
Nothing save Her
The Bones Inside Her
Full of Care
Yet Thrusting Her Sword for Life
Murderous in Her Laughing Eyes
Gentle in her Sensitive Touch
Innocent in Her Thunder
I Die, I Just Die for Her
I Taste Her
Taste Her Again
She Takes My Feet
Drive me Into Her Night
Where All Fall by Devotion to Her
Oh My Human Heart, My Precious Woman
Dividing The Poison and The newborn Child
Unfolding as It Is
Delicate as The Flower
Large as the Universe
I Drink, I Dare, I Desire
To Drown mySelf in Her Love
The Air To My Breath
The Beat to My Heart
I Drown In you Over and Over
Become the House and Home of your Pure Passion
Diving into Your Divine Form
I Taste Her
I Taste Her
Taste Her Again.


(A poem by Aisha Salem, 2015)

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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