Dropping the Masculine Strategy

StudentAround man and woman and masculine and feminine and male and female, and the terminology and then what’s behind… What’s actually the Essence of those things? And that we have male and female forms through lifetimes, and here we are, here, in the forms that we’re in.  And then when you speak of Man and Woman I really get that you’re pointing to True Man and Woman.


Aisha: Yeah, so if you remove all of that other stuff, you’re just down to the fact that there’s been taken some male twist onto you.  And that’s not a judgement kind of thing, it’s not a bad kind of thing, anything like that – done the same in the past.  But, there’s still some things to be discovered when it comes to you embracing your Womanhood.  And you can make that very complicated and very wide and all of this, or you can simply meet the fact that there is hatred in your body towards the Beloved, and there is longing.  There’s the accumulation of all of Consciousness, and we can speak in these terms, or we can just sit with the fact of what is the genuine, bottom-line feeling of you. Right?


So right there, we’re actually closing in on what we were talking about when you were sitting in front of me a couple of days ago on the sofa out there.  Where it comes down to, this that you call your masculine, it’s had all of these different ways, these different structures, these different strategies to keep you going, to keep you masculine, all of these things, all of that which direction, going from here to there.  And right now, you are tired enough – or getting close – for all of that to go (claps hands above head and gestures crashing to the ground).


You’re facing the fact that it’s not… even though it’s been your way of life and that which has you leaning up against this – as the structures, as the strategies, as that which has got you here and there and everywhere.  But the moment you start thinking from that perspective where you have been moving, where “Okay I move with this because here I can get this, here I can get this”, like collector, like survival.  At the dropping off of all of that, what is left?


As we spoke of, it’s the reversal; giving up, allowing the structures, the strategies, all of that to collapse, coming back down to the fact of your innocence.  And in and from that innocence, which is actually where you allow yourself to drop down into your body, to allow that with happen with that genuine ‘yes’.  To allow Woman, Womanhood, you, to be born.


And down there, yes, hatred.  Down there, yes, deep longing, all of these things.  Honesty with those feelings, no problem.  The moment you start bringing that into a culture this and that, and be like all of this, you’re already up here (waving hands above head level).  You’re trying to sort it from mind, or at least explaining to yourself why you can’t sort it, which is also bullshit if you ask me, because there is a Woman underneath all of that.  And she’s the one calling for your attention.  She’s the one calling for your surrender.  Own that, nothing more from here.

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