Dancing in Non-Knowing

AishaSeriously, you won’t ever know jack-shit.  You might as well get used to it.  The less you know, the more reality can be there.  And that’s not the same as not acquiring skills and all of this, but the learning within the Being comes from standing, body-wise, as an open door.


And one thing that can always send you straight to “Okay, now I need to let go”, is if you hear words coming out of your mouth where it sounds like you know something.  And when I say sounds like you know something, it isn’t that wisdom can’t come out of your mouth, but the moment that you believe what you’re saying, it’s time to let go.  And this is why there is never anything to discuss, because a discussion can only exist if there are two poles believing in something.  So if you let go in every moment, there is never a discussion.


That, combined with always caring more about how you are than what you think.  Always caring more about how the other is than what they think.  It doesn’t matter what they think, not really.  Not really.


Because Love doesn’t really care if you think like this or like that.  Love cares whether you’re relaxing and how you are in that relaxation. So to the extent that you can be Love with other people exactly this way, through caring about what is present….  You know, someone can be a real jack-ass or something, instead of focusing on what is coming out from that contraction, then feel deeper.  If you feel deeper, feel how is he?  Of course, then you can feel that anyone who is being a jack-ass actually doesn’t feel very good, and then what else can we have but compassion really?


And who really cares what comes out from that contraction, not feeling good place.  None of it has any value anyway.  None of it has any validity really.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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