Consort work

Man and Woman unfolding in Truth together

Consort-work is a Deeply Naked coming together of Man and Woman in the cauldron of Truth. A truly alchemical event. It is an embrace of Love, by which the merging between our primary Essence of our Spiritual Self comes together within as between our bodies, manifesting our Fulfilled Spiritual Potential as well as our Human Wholeness.

The work is rooted in the Pure Tantra and is, in the Embrace of Love for and through everything, the recognition of ourselves as both the Big and the small. Spirit and Matter. It is an unfolding of the limitless union between Masculine and Feminine as the unfolding of the True Man and Woman ~ which is the Real Potential of us as spiritual Beings in human bodies.

Our Journey together will not only benefit us as human beings, or even partners, but will benefit All of Existence, since we, in this work, pave a new way of Being as humans, based on our deepest potential as well as the eradication of the aftermath, which has been carried into our collective through centuries.

Engaging in Consort-work

Consort work can take up as much of our time as we allow. If we give it proper Space in our lives, our healing into Wholeness and evolution into Spiritual Maturity moves faster.

Losing the conventions is the first step in becoming Ready to Embrace consort-work in its full spectrum of gifts and challenges.

Letting go of and burning out the collectively inherited images, of what we hope for and dream of, in the meeting between man and woman, is pivotal for the opening of the Door. The Door to the deeper Listening and discoveries of Life’s spiritual and human potential through intimacy. A potential, which we can only unfold and grow into by willingness to rediscover ourselves as human beings in Truth.

Without the loss of these images, of future based on past, the Deeper Reality of our Beings and our Soul’s true capacity cannot unfold. It is a letting go of the known and static, to embrace an ever moving, ever changing and ever unfolding reality of Self-discovery in Love and Truth.

Without hopes and dreams, we are left with the Reality of Here and Now. What is our relation unfolding as and How can we best open-handed and open-heartedly hold the Beauty of That? Within as between us.

To embrace this work together as Partners, we must be prepared to Die into the Love, which is between us, and to the Love, which can only unfold as us individually in each our Essence – just the same and according to a willingness to Listen and navigate according to Truth.

In our Union in Truth there is only Here and Now. And yet this means, that our Yes equals giving our Forever ~ our All, which is Infinite, Here and Now. It is beyond the creation of a future. Future, which invites for a clinging to ideas, creates expectations and unhealthy attachments to outcome. Not to mention can make it close to impossible to be fully honest.

Our Yes, to give our All ~ Here and Now ~ is not to be mistaken as a less than full commitment, but is a bottomline, which brings everything back to This Instant and what is meant to happen in the deeper Listening. This Now, wherein nothing is Known about what the future holds and where only the Hearts Deepest Calling is invited to Lead our Way.

Only in this way, can we truly navigate our relation with Appreciation, Gratitude and a Full Surrender to the moment. To the Love of each others Souls and Beings, wherein expectations and unhealthy attachments do not replace the Beauty of a Real Bond. A Bond, which IS beyond time, space and even context.

To engage in Consort-ship is not meant to be a replacement for the happening of a Full Intimacy, wherein parts of us stay out or remain indifferent. On the contrary, it is an invitation to engage in Union with the Entire Fire of our Hearts Passion, and to deal with everything, which the embrace of Love in Passion, of Power, brings up, without allowing it to tie down or solidify. Simply to unfold the reality of Pure Passion ~ of Buddhahood, with a Full Inclusion of the Human Experience and Enjoyment.

It is thereby required of us, to Love Bravely and Truly, giving our All, without loosing touch with the Reality of Impermanence. Embracing Full Surrender to Love with another, without tying each other down, is in Truth sobering to our ego and Enlivening for our Soul.

Consort-work will present you with Every angle of your insecurities and human wounding to your Full Surrender in Truth. It will Burn every possible Edge of your Being, transcending your limitation over and over, as it expands into a fulfilment as your Primary Essence and Wholeness beyond identification.

The growing Depth of our Love as consorts will bring into Light deeply painful states, which will require our full Self-responsibility, Surrender, Patience and Will to Love through everything, in the tenderness of human love and respect.

When we can commit to both a never-ending unfolding in Love and to Truth beyond our limitations, the balance between expansion and resolution can pave the way of our Journey, to which we will Ultimately have to give Everything.

We stand before the discovery of a Much Greater and more fulfilling reality, which we cannot even imagine, let alone manifest, with our limited minds capacity or usual ways of thinking. Only in surrender and willingness to fully rise to the occasion of our own Healing and Wholeness, can we meet the potential and purpose of consort-work.

Life in Love is an ever unpredictable Journey, which can (and does) take Any turn at Any moment. And it is possibly, to a large extent, the fear of this non-knowing and lack of Trust in Life’s own Way, which keeps most of us from letting go and embracing this unfolding in the True Relationship.

For the Ones who Dare Walk the Walk, it is however a truly healing and deeply humbling happening, to get together in Truth, to love each other beyond the Old Ways, and to discover and create The New and Sustainable together.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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