Gateway on Møn, Denmark

Coming into the field of Truth on this island is stepping into a field of the deepest down-to-earth point of No Escape. It Rushes along the meeting with the deeply vulnerable, sheds the skin of the self-protective and reveals the layers in need of attention, as we are faced with the Naked Reality of consciousness in and on ground – being human in a field of Truth.

Aisha Salem lives with a good and growing number of students on Møn, which is a small island in the south of Denmark. Aisha has bought and been restoring a house by own Hands and Heart since the beginning of 2018 – something which continues to be an invitation, celebration and indication of the playful and limitless nature of being, which is Aisha.

In having worked across the globe for more than 1,5 decade, Aisha has students all over the world. Some choose to travel to the island of Møn to partake in the field of Truth and evolution, which the presence of Aisha’s being provides – in anything from weeks to months at a time. Others have moved or are moving there as a permanent solution of settling down on the island – to live in this field of Truth in coexistence with teacher and fellow students, as the very Way of Life. Students are placed across the island, which is all inside the embrace of this field of Truth.

Aisha offers teaching-nights bimonthly on Møn for the local Gateway people – new students and old. This takes place on Thursday nights, outside times where travels take place. Teaching-nights are held sweetly in the intimate settings of students’ homes until mid-summer of 2018, where meetings will move to the town center – at the organic cafe V’sit. Cafe V’sit is not a Gateway initiative, but Aisha is in close cahoots with the owners, as a matter of movement towards opening the doors for a place where Gateway can meet, receive teaching and enjoy.

During high summer and winter, Aisha offers extended teaching programme of weekly meetings on the island. Some as dinners and movie-nights, others as transmission and teaching. To see the coming summer or winter programme, please click the programme at the end of this page. Note; The events on the summer-programme are not added to the public schedule, here on this website, but are available via the “Gateway on Møn” Facebook-group and in Gateway Online, where signing up also takes place. Read more below and welcome to join the “Gateway on Møn” Facebook-group, which is where students on the island communicate on all things Møn and local community.

Buzzing is in the air towards the rising of a place of teaching for Gateway, and yet the manifestation of such an endeavour has many steps of preparation to it – in anything from rising of funds to the practical aspects involved with work and such. Should you wish to get involved with anything from financial to practical assistance, please write to

Find all details about coming to Møn – from transportation and accommodation options, to summer programme and possibilities of attending teaching-nights – on Gateway Online at the Gateway on Møn-page.

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