Clearing the Womb Space

Student: We were talking about healing and cleaning the womb a couple of days ago. It feels like all the partners I have been with are still connected to my womb, or connected to my body, and mostly it’s people with whom I didn’t have love or soul connection. And when I meditate and contemplate about it, it’s related to shame and guilt and pain. I was thinking that there must be a way to clean somehow and cut those people? Because it feels like my energy goes away, draining me.  Instead of cutting them, maybe I have to include them all, but, I don’t know.


Aisha: Okay, so when it comes to the heart, you include everyone. On the heart level, there is only one Being. When it comes to the womb, we’re talking earth, and we’re talking very specific, and we’re talking integrity, and we’re talking owning your own space, as a woman. So what we can do, and what we need to do, and what everything is waiting for us to do, is actually take responsibility for and ownership of our womb, and that happens by a willingness to step down into it. When you say that every time that you feel into this there’s the shame and the guilt and all of this, and all of this is sitting in your womb, along with these links to these other Beings.


So what needs to happen is that you come in energetically, to own yourself, to own your space, and that can only happen by sending love down into your womb. This is not something you do it on Thursday, and then two weeks after it’s a good idea again. I’m talking about a continuous work of entering your own womb as Consciousness. To allow the passing of all of the grief, and the guilt, and the shame, to own what you have done to yourself as a woman, by actually taking in, to your most sacred space, your womb, to take men in where that soul connection has not been the case, and all of this needs to be owned.


And it’s not a small thing, no, but at the same time, there is nothing more worthwhile.  Because it’s kind of like you focus on the heart, and then, by being conscious in your heart, the heart capacity, the heart space starts to grow. It’s the same thing with the womb.  Coming into the womb, sending love into the womb, every time you do that, every time you send love in you will be meeting more of this, more of all of these feelings, which are the reason why right now you are so totally fragmented energetically. But that action, that happening needs to take place.  It’s the only way you can start to live your life as a woman actually.


So every time you go in and you touch down, you will have another flare-flash of your subconscious, of the anger you as woman hold against yourself as Consciousness, because there is a reason you’re not down there right now, and at the same time your woman is so fucking sad that you aren’t.


See so there is something needing, wanting, waiting to come together there.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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