Beyond the Symptom

Student: I know you told me not to focus on the phenomenon in the body, I do however for the past three days I’ve had a very sharp pain in my sacrum area, is this also something normal?


Aisha: Look, you’re going to have all kinds of pains, and all kinds of burps and busts and bloats and the whole deal. And the thing is that, or I can just speak for myself, that no matter what has unfolded, I have always gone straight to the deepest sense of feeling in it, what is it trying to teach me? Rather than get concerned what is it from a ‘oh am I dying’ perspective, you know?


But more like, being with the teaching of the whole thing, because if we speak about doctors, you know they are great at putting an arm back on, or if something’s broken and all of this. But to the extent that we think that we need someone to fix us, rather than allow ourselves to rely on life itself, you wouldn’t believe the healing possibilities of the body. And to the extent that you are willing to let that happen by being humble enough to receive the teachings of whatever is appearing in you, by being willing to be with, to breathe through, things seem to resolve themselves simply. And the more they do so, the further you get, the more life’s there, the more healing capacity is there as the life of you.


So even if things get like this, like this or like this, to be able and to be willing to feel the pain of it, because these physical (makes gestures and sounds that imply physical symptoms), they’re always just a cover up, they’re a physical manifestation of the ignorance which is lying beneath it, behind it. So if you’re willing to go to that place, rather than focus on this out here, you see? In here, you get the teaching, you get the resolution, you get the letting go, you get to surrender – and not only get to – you have to surrender, you see?


But if you keep on focusing on ‘oh now it looks like this’, or ‘now this is happening’, or ‘now like this’, it’s kind of like a dog barking at everything. And then you keep your mind occupied on what it looks like rather than what it really is.


So a deep invitation for all of you, to deal with whatever physical ‘symptoms’ can be there, or even, when it comes to the surrender itself, the physical phenomenon, because there are a lot of them, simply. And I’ve gone through many of them, but I’m sure there are ones that I haven’t even looked at, or touched, or… I mean we all have our own experience of that, which is kind of the sign for our way. But really we have to stop taking it so very seriously, and that’s not the same as skating over it as like ‘oh that’s nothing’, but just to take care when they appear, you know? The only thing you can do is take care, and trust, and love yourself in it.


Student: Thank you for this powerful retreat.


Aisha: Thank you.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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