Appreciation of Man

Student: That exercise this morning was extremely powerful, cracked me open and I’ve been in a very vulnerable space.  I think that protection that I’ve been putting on my heart is very much linked to men, man.  Is there anything that you see that you could recommend for me?


Aisha: Listen, and keep walk with exactly that which is cracking now. Thing is there are all sorts of aspects that are going to unfold in this.  There is ancestral work, there is a touch on your actual relationship with your father, so on and so forth.


And not to mention men, okay one thing I can give you as a hint: A big part of your female contraction holds, or covers over the seed of hating men.  And since that’s the case, I can advise you to check in with yourself; what is your deepest most honest attitude towards men? And that you can do at any given point, you see? Not only when you are with a man or something like that, but just your general sense of feeling – is that one of gratitude towards men?  Or is it acceptance – like that bordering “okay they’re okay”, or where are we at? Because no matter what, everything is waiting for you to fall in love with Man, just as much as Woman of course, but it’s an aspect for you, because you are contracting around it due to your previous experience with men.


But it’s a basic taste, and the thing is that once you have tasted the taste of freedom in this place, once you have tasted what it means, and the relaxation which ensues in you once you relax in that place of your attitude towards men. Once you relax there you will feel (pauses, sighs and closes eyes) so much more room for your feminine. Did you feel that?


Student: Yes.


Aisha: But obviously, you know there are the teachings within that which are the men that you attract in your life.  And whatever they have which fit into what you need to come to accept in your own self. And once you no longer use man’s imperfection against him in a way where you can actually appreciate Man which is standing behind men.  Right there it changes everything and Man starts responding to you in a different way.


Student: Thank you.


Aisha: So that was a little something (laughs).

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