Aisha Salem is a woman in deep intimacy with Truth. A radical and life-long journey has brought her to the very Heart of what it means to be a real human being.

She is an inspirator and guide for people on the path of awakening and self-actualisation – as an embrace of reality, which is rooted in the open-ended surrender to Truth – as compassion and deep intimacy with our disappearance.

Aisha has been teaching across the world since 2003 and is the founder of Gateway, which is a growing community of people resonating with her sharing and the invitation to true co-existence on a ground of surrender and responsibility – reality.

Aisha’s being and guidance holds keys to unlocking our perception to the hidden Core within all of us. Inviting us to Truly Blossom into reality by our becoming and unbecoming.

Below, a short portrait of Aisha Salem.

A Short Biography

Aisha (; March, 1979) was born and raised in a non-religious family in Denmark. The early years unfolded with an Egyptian father and Danish mother, which allowed Aisha to naturally play on a ground of both deep passion, of mystery as well as clear reason and pure logic.

After attending business school, Aisha established family-life with marriage, motherhood and work. With all settled in the conventional sphere, it became obvious, that this life was infinitely unfulfilling for her soul. A deeper Calling emerged towards uncovering the answers to the more fundamental questions in life.

In a deep and radical dedication to uncovering the answer to the question “Who am I?”, Aisha found herself moving rapidly through the existential layers in massive expansions of her consciousness along with dissolution of her individual and separated sense of existence – something which ultimately brought her to the state of universal consciousness. Of knowing herself as Love, as Spirit.

In the following years, Aisha lived as the expanse of universal consciousness. On side of naturally unfolding her sharing with the world, she as well moved with an interest in fulfilling whichever questions or doings remained, as a part of her human life and living. In deepening as Love through man/woman, parenting, family, friends, work and nature, all was included in the One Reality of Life, of Love itself.

After 6 years of living herself into the fulfilment of her wishes, Aisha was called into solitude of retreat. The calling into Silence invited her beyond the Self/I Am, into the Primordial Silence. The Absolute.

For 2,5 years she was in retreat, in deep cultivation of Space, turning the Fire of Love into Diamond sharp Clarity – merging with Silence.

By the end of her retreat, Life began its return as a landing back into the Earth. A happening which called for the embrace of the human conditioning and healing of the human wound in all of its facets for a true emptying out of the ground and recognition of the Essence and Wholeness of the True human.

In her growth into the Earth as being, she opened, investigated, felt and Loved her way back into the arms of the Mother – in a return to nature as the healing and holding of our human emergence into the True Essence. A journey which continues to unfold as both the unique pearl of herself by the personification of the impersonal – of Source – as well as in the unfolding of presence on-ground as compassion.

Aisha has been travelling the world, sharing Truth in retreats, speaking in gatherings and guiding people on their Way since 2004.

Her work is unfolding with a team of app. 20 people, cooperating with her on sharing the keys of her Being and the Wisdom needed in this time of turning across the planet. She lives in Denmark on an island where a Truth Center is in its arising.

© 2022 Aisha Salem

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