Diamond Thrill

Lovers Spinning, Diamond Thrill
Love Eternal, Born to Kill

Truth calling, Come unDone
Rain Falling, Just Begun

Rushing, Gushing, Reign Supreme
Lions Roaring, Raw Extreme

Dancing Naked, Stars Aglow
Living, Dying, No one Know

Mind Suspended, Ineffable Bliss
Twirling Twisting Godlike Kiss

Smiling Laughing, Innocent Play
Bodies Writhing, Godlike Clay

Roar Sincere, Illusions Peel
Honest, Open, Loving, Feel

Chanting Chant, Rhythmic Drill
Fear gone Useless, Reality Chill

Much to Handle, Maybe for Some
Not for You? Come come come…


(by Aisha Salem, 2014)

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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