Black Mother Rising – The Time of Bend or Break

In this time,
the Black Mother is Rising – More than Ever.
We are opened to hold,
to contain and pass states of hatred, 
which are natural in Her rising,
in the meeting between Light and Matter.
It is the time of Bend or Break!

It is more Important than ever,
that we Step In,
willing to take Full Responsibility,
for what is rising in our inner spheres in this time.
To hold Everything,
within the full responsibility of Taking Care,
of our Selves and each other,
in This.
When we fail to do this,
to Hold responsibility for the surfacing of the Pains –
for that which needs to be held and healed,
for a Higher state of Maturity to arrive of us as Human/e Beings,
we find ourselves at the Brink of War with each other,
Endlessly Invited to attempt to find another perpetrator,
than the lack of our own surrender,
the lack of our own care to our individual and mutual healing.
We look for someone to blame for our pain.
This is not Truth!
We Must Die to Her
by stepping up to hold our selves in our pain and fear.
We must let the bypassing of responsibility,
The glorification of Divinity in the illusion of separation from our Humanity,
We must Take Responsibility,
for that pain and fear within us,
which is in such a State of Identification and Self/Truth-denial,
that we would rather turn on each other,
to keep and maintain our beliefs,
than to face directly the Tears of Hurt,
which are already Invisibly Flowing Down our Cheeks.
We Stand to Face Her and to Receive Her
In Her Proof of Our Living Divinity and Humanity as One.
We stand to Rise as Love in Matter,
to Hold Ourselves,
and end the projection outwards of that inner pain,
which makes it unbearable to be Vulnerable, to be Human, to be Here.
We Have to Face the Ruthless Scimitar of Her,
in Her Demolition of our Ignorance and Carelessness,
and Grow in our Love, Understanding and Patience,
by the holding and healing of our own wounds.
Before we have Faced the Healing of our own wounding,
we are unable to anything but act from them!
May All of This be Held in our Mutual Responsibility
of surrendering our own pain be Healed and Held
Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally –
to lift All of Us to a Higher Maturity of Humanity.

Aisha Salem

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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