TRUTH ~ Masculine:Feminine

TRUTH ~ Masculine:Feminine


20 EUR ~ 2 videos in One

Welcome to a teaching video ~ with 2 videos and a total of 2,5 hours watching-time ~ of strong transmissions of Masculine and Feminine, by Aisha Salem.

Each video is available for streaming and download, consisting of sharing on a row of topics significant to Awakening, Self-realisation and Embodiment ~ along with Direct Transmission by invitation to pure reception in meditation.

The videos come with instructions for best benefit in reception along with option of streaming and download.

Enjoy the trailer (available by clicking the image) – Welcome to “TRUTH – Masculine:Feminine”.

NB. This video holds strong transmission. As buyer of this video, you hold full responsibility for its use and impact. Do not engage with its contents, unless ready to walk in Truth.

After your purchase, you will receive a payment receipt e-mail, with a link to the videos page at the bottom – as well as an e-mail with your login information. If you have purchased in the Webshop before, you will only receive the Payment Receipt and your login information will be the same, as received after your first purchase. Please save your login for future use.
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