Ready for Her?

Ready for Her?

Ready for Her?

Diving into the Black Mother is placing yourself at the Doorstep of (your) Destruction. The destruction of your lies. Of your pain. Of your fear; The very weaving of your self-protection and somebodiness.

That you will lose a part of your control and separated self is certain. What you will lose is not.

For each time you offer yourself to Her, She will take another piece of you. In your Return from Her Black Abyss, the union with Her will be stronger, as will your wholeness, dedication to and offering
of yourself – to Let Her Live and Love.

She takes you into your deepest and darkest. And from In There – from the place in you, which you least want to let live, least want to have illuminated – She will Pour unto you Her Black Light – bringing the suffering to Joy, the pain to Pleasure and the fear to Love.

Will you enjoy it, when She opens Her Big Black Jaw? The answer is no. Will you dance in delight, when she cracks your wounds open to the light of Her Healing Black Sun? Again, the answer is no.

But you will get to Meet it All…

No more hidden bottom-lines.
No more unseen inner rejections.
No more self-protection.

… Only She can Do This. Bring our Humanity to Healing in Truth.

She is Born of the Divine Father and Earth Mother – and She is the Only Thing, which can make us Fully Honest and Honouring of our greatest potential ::: as Empty Divine Human Beings.

Are you ready to Meet Her?


Aisha Salem, July 2016