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Satsang Questions & Transmissions

Innocence and Power – the Responsibility of Man


Parents and Family


Being Vulnerability


Listening Deeply to Intuition


Purification of Action, Mind and Speech


Fear and the Rise of the Black Mother


Letting Go into the Intensity of Being


Bursting Joy


Embracing Sensitivity in the Gut


Song and Play at Tea-time


& Softness


Soul Blueprint in Truth-realization


Self Love


Facing Death


Yearning for Truth


Meeting the fear of dying into the Void


The Black Mother


Surrendering All to the Black Mother




Accepting the Consequences


The Dissolve of that which tries to Fix


Fear of NoWhere to Cling


Meeting Death in Life


Meeting the fear of Power


as a Being


Pain and Meeting the Black Mother


What is Love?


Resolving Masculine and Feminine




and the Fire
of Truth


Full Length Satsangs

Q&A Online Satsang October 2015 (Q&A)


Q&A Online Satsang August 2015 (Q&A)
Full Length Satsang, December 2014


Full Length Satsang, Berkeley, CA 2014


Full Length Satsang, Bristol, UK 2013 – part 1 of 3


Full Length Satsang, Bristol, UK 2013 – part 2 of 3


Full Length Satsang, Bristol, UK 2013 – part 3 of 3