~ Retreat and Radical Simplicity ~
Being new to the Path, One can wonder… Why did/do the masters retreat to live in nature into what can look like an isolated environment and a life of retraction? The question of how to live truly in this day in age remains, as we follow and walk our Way…

03 Retreat & Radical SimplicityThrough the years of embodying Truth and Life into living, it becomes increasingly obvious, that purification and fulfilment results not only in Clarity and Love for that which is True, but a growing impossibility of upholding- and keeping going that, which is not.

The instance which requires repetition and “more”, thins out as the energy of wanting is transformed directly into the Space and vast vibration of our Being. We thereby find, that the Way, which is passed fully and completely, does nothing but leave things over and done with, and our selves ready for deeper knowledge. In other words, once we have Fully attended to something – anything – which in our current living lives seems attractive and important, no energy nor attention will any longer move in the direction of fulfilling the learning, which created the attraction to begin with.

As our demand for Truth grows, less and less energy moves in the direction of seeking pleasure. Pleasure does not disappear, but we are lead by our likes and dislikes as they move and change along with the growing ability to embrace and love our Self.

If we keep on loving our Self deeper, we will find simplicity moving into our living lives, as we agree to let go of the bits and pieces, which no longer support our becoming and learning.

With it being fully open for One to do whatever One wants to, the growing freedom results in the disappearence of a drive towards repitition and world-based goals. The transformation of our sexual/wanting-energy and the rise of pure Will towards our highest attainment and potential tends to lead us into greater simplicity.

Finding one’s Self ever more ready to embrace Life nakedly, radical simplicity and closeness with nature becomes not an isolation, but a step into the center of Being and what brings further the teaching on Life.

Living in radical simplicity requires the absolute courage to embrace Life and die into it. Not a fact which leaves room for ideas of retraction or dropping out, since its fulfillment leads One straight into merge with pure Life.

The way of living, which for other people can seem- and look like retreat or retraction, shows to be the exact opposite, as we are confronted with the immensity and responsibility of our full potential. Embracing fully the naked Life, brings about the deepest teachings- and the complete unravelling of the secrets of creation.

Through our embrace of Silence, joy comes to be found in- and as Life itself. The energy which used to move us into a hunt towards satisfaction of needs plummets, by our agreement and Will for nothing else, straight into its own transformation through the meeting with the flame of Life.

In this way, purification results. What is required for this, is an already attained trust in- and a willingness to become One with Life, which can only come from both having worn down the fear towards death and the ignorance concerning the validity of ego and the neverending “more”, it drives us towards.

Life does not reveal itself to ego, but to that Space which remains, when ego agrees to drop and want ceases.

The joy which we come to find in Silence, does not cut us off from Being in Love with people and activities etc. Participation in activities does however become a response to the drive of the world, and not something which we want for our Self or any longer initiate to avoid our alone-ness. We simply attend to whatever appears.

What before inwardly agreed to take part in activities with people, becomes completely silent, as pure Presence to the joy and benefit of other human beings. Living along side another, can at this point only be done in case the other is equally as devoted to Truth as ones Self (read The True Relationship).

Everything can be used properly or mis-used. Living in retreat is of course no different.

Radical simplicity can be a stopper of growth as well as anything else, which is imitated. If the stopping of activity and participation happens from a place of wanting enlightenment or not-wanting ego (which is either a pull or push from ego), nothing real comes of it.

If on the other hand, the radical simplicity happens as a result of loving oneself to completion, the outcome is the happening of higher teachings by attending to effortless cultivation.

The happening of radical simplicity, through our embrace of Love for our Self, does not leave anything behind. Instead it completely transforms the existence of that energy, which drives itself out into Existence as ego.

The momentary fulfilment of desire is in no way comparable to the deep expanse of peace and joy, which is the result of becoming content with (and no longer afraid of) Life itself. It is like comparing a drop of water with a whole ocean.

As all is seen and learned, only Peace remains with enjoyment of simply Being…


(An article written in 2011, by Aisha Salem,


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