~ Entering a Life in Truth ~

I was asked on how to deal with everything around the fact of Meeting and Embracing Truth, of entering the Work and Way, and it gave birth to this little write for you…

As you embrace Truth and move along with it, it is significant that you know that your life is no longer just a personal-private matter, but that you have said Yes for Truth to enter through the cracks, into every part of your life, heart, mind and body.

It means to allow your focus of life to slide into the core of Truth, where you will find a greater and greater opening to your Self, to Life. In This surrender, the part of being of Best Use, starts mattering. The part of calling for and demanding things to make sense, to have meaning, starts mattering.

What can be recommended in this case is, first off, that you take stock of your living life. Bring conscious choices and a proper hand/care around all of the significant elements in it, pinpointing what truly matters to your Heart and prioritising your use of energy. A simplification there – according to letting go of the parts of your life, which has nothing to do with Love for yourself, and therein for Everything, for Truth.

Henceforth, a gradual and ongoing touch of taking responsibility for piece after piece of your living life, bringing it to the shifted anchor-point of Truth. Through the ongoing conscious choice, of protecting what is opening up for you. Not “Against anything”, but like watering a seed. Allowing the work of applying your Self, your Love, to be the ongoing water pouring on to and in through you, and allowing your deepest touch on Truth, inside it, to become the core of your movement of life.

You are a part of something Much Bigger than yourself – in the entirety of your living life. And the deeper you can find it in yourself to Surrender to that, the more Truth can get access to you as the Core of your Yes.

To acknowledge that Truth is what needs to have the upper-hand on your life – along with your willingness to do your best and take full responsibility, as the Actor on the scene of it – is the Best Possible entry-point you can have to embracing Truth, to allowing your moving forward from here.

We can All Step Up to the actual purpose of our birth, and play our part in the scheme of things.

In times of fear or doubts, take responsibility for the racing mind or feelings by curl-crawling your way, all the way back to the source of your breath. Let go of All Else, and simply return to the Felt Sense of breathing. Deeply

Deep Blessings,