~ Divine ego and the Elemental Teachings ~
03 Divine ego & the elemental teachingsAs we make our Way in passing the oceanic transformation of Life-energy from identification with the body to no identification, the Divine ego is born. Of the Divine Ego all else is born...

By allowing our flowing deeper into Existence by every rise of Life and further into Space and non-existence by its cessation, we are brought further into the teaching of both All and Nothing. If we, by this happening, fail to embrace the fact of solitary existence (not necessarily physically), as the fact of there being just One Life, we fail to receive the knowledge of Being the only One here.Any insisting on ideas – belief in any kind of other (or the failing to pass and transform any emotional outcome of this fact) – rules out the arrival of the wisdom born of the elemental teaching. The teaching of the elements; earth, fire, wind and water within the element of basic Space, is the most basic and fundamental knowledge acquirable within the sphere of Existence.As we align our selves with it – by letting go beyond its discovery – we come to know by experience the depth and Truth of the fact, that there is only One being. Surrender to these teachings uncovers the secrets of the manifestation and everything within it. As we embrace this knowledge, everything in existence, including our own body, turns out to be just an image or display of Mind (not our mind as in thoughts, but The Mind). The manifestation of all things turns equally bendable.

This teaching (and its alignment with every part of our being), of course, cannot happen if we by any bit or piece of us fail to embrace the fact of letting go. Knowledge like this can not be uncovered within a being, where ego still insists on keeping- and staying covered regarding any kind of personal need, wish or want. In other words, prior to this uncovering is the disappearence of all personal agenda; ambition of helping, need for love or for that matter; any kind of need. Passing through the gates of needs, brings us to the other side – where the idea of using (anything for anything) is dispersed.

Reaching that shore is prior to the disclosure (or develops alongside with it as the realization deepens), and it brings into light the importance of letting go and embracing simplification. Be aware, that embracing the knowledge, by letting it live as one’s living life, is in place, as new and deeper teachings reveal themselves.

The changes of living Life happen gradually through letting go, and as changes in one’s thoughts, speech and actions. The fact that our growth leaves us largely different from the Life or living of anyone else, is a fact, and completely unimportant. Resolution can however not be imitated. It must happen from within and by the wearing out of issues and problems, by the exceeding demand of Truth over wishes and wants and the complete transformation of sexual energy into pure life-force. This happening does not rule out the option of physical participation in anything, it only rules out the part, which gets anything out of it. And to be straight – if an action brings you no satisfaction or ego-gratification whatsoever, very little (of what people use their energy on) becomes worth maintaining or participating in.

Since the need for love disappears too, the result becomes a falling away of actions, which are not based on a fully positive outcome (actions which are not directly beneficial to any being, including one’s own, fall away – they simply become too boring to keep in the equation). 
The result of this is the growing out/in of impeccable strength in one’s nature and being; The inversion of Heart’s Wisdom and -Clarity into That of rock-solid immovable Mind.

The divine Ego, Soul or True Identity (all names for the same) appears. In Space Time of 2011, being True means being different, and so this part of becoming is, equally as all else, to be embraced fully. What we give up (of experiences, things, actions etc.) becomes completely unimportant and unmeasurabe against the fact of what we uncover in- and as our true Being, the divine Ego. There is simply no comparison.

Awakening and heightened awareness might give a sense of freedom larger than that of complete captivity and sleep. But awakening is just a tool, for the work of our liberation. The true masters didn’t end up with a few handfuls of things and no worldly obligations because they signed out, but because they signed up for their highest potential and surrendered so completely, that receiving the highest teachings became possible. Without one making room for it, by letting go of other occupations, giving up resistance to being alone (instead of insisting on integration being equal to clinging to the world) etc., one will simply not come to receive the elemental teachings. Without these teachings, one cannot reach true integration by liberation and completion. Without these realizations, there are steps to be taken to eliminate further the resistance against their natural happening within our being, as a result of letting go. Technology might be supplying us with different tools, but it will never come to cover even a fraction of that, which is human’s highest potential by the embrace of our true Being.


(An article written in 2011, by Aisha Salem,


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