~ Meditations ~


Listen to audios on topics & full length meetings, from public gatherings and retreats.


Listen to audio-clips with Aisha ~
of both online and personal interviews.


Join Aisha in guided audio meditations.
The meditations contain transmissions.

~ Prepare for Meditation ~

Before turning on the player, create a space which allows for your reception and deep relaxation;
Turn off the cell-phone, let the family know you are unavailable
and take a few moments of preparing the mind and body for entering meditation…

(NB! Please be aware that the transmissions are likely to require your digestion after)


The Ground of Being

A Meditation transmitting the return to the ground of your Being as Source. (40:08)

Meditation: Black Light of Being 

A guided meditation incl. transmission on the Black Light of Being. (34:45)

Meditation: Just Relax 

A guided meditation of deconstruction of tension in the body-space.

Meditation: Objection – Acceptance – Joy

A guided meditation assisting consciousness from objection to Joy. (37:35)

Meditation: Relax and Release

A guided meditation incl. instruction on total body-relaxation. (40:39)

Meditation: Lose yourself in Absorption

A guided meditation incl. transmission on full absorption in That. (39:42)

Meditation: Absorption in Grace

A guided meditation incl. transmission on dissolving into pure Grace.

Meditation: Black Light Absorption

A guided meditation incl. transmission on the Black Light of Being. (54:47).

Meditation: Peace in the Void

A guided meditation of deep rest in the Void beyond Existence. (40:58)

Meditation: A guided meditation

A guided meditation of entering doors through the body, by Aisha.

Meditation: Go to Peace, With Peace, As Peace

A guided meditation on state of peace. (38:48)

Meditation: Acceptance and Self-Love

A guided meditation on emerging in Self accep-
tance and Love. (46:09)