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Interviews & Public Talks

Aisha speaking on SAND 2016

Aisha in open conversation at Science and Non-duality Conference 2016. (46:02)

Soulmate Within Summit-Interview

~ From the Soulmate Within Summit, in 2016, lead by Shakti Malan. (1:06:43).

Aisha interviewed on BATGAP

An audio with Aisha interviewed by Rick Archer, Buddha at the Gaspump.

Interview with Aisha by Jetzt-TV

~ Aisha was interviewed by Devasetu on sharing Truth with people. (1:12:51).

Interview by Shakti Malan – nr. 1

~ Aisha was interviewed by Shakti Malan for a Womans-course. (1:14:54)

Interview by Shakti Malan – nr. 2

~ Aisha was interviewed by Shakti Malan for Womans-course II. (59:02)