~ Free publications of Video, Audio & Writing ~

Aisha offers a variety of free published material for your reception of transmission. With videos, audios, poetry, articles and more, you are invited to enjoy and deepen your resolve through exploring and deeply absorbing the teachings by Aisha.

For the One, for whom this is not enough, you are invited to both visit the web-shop, for additional material for purchase, as well as consider joining the Gateway, where retreats and access to more and deepening material is available.

Enjoy your exploration, investigation and absorption…


Articles, poetry and quotes by Aisha on Awakening, Self-realisation and Embodiment. Enjoy the wide sharing of Human Wisdom in scriptural transmissions and poetic expressions.


Receive from listening to Audio-clips ~ recordings from Aisha speaking at meetings, conferences and retreats on a row of topics regarding Living the Full Embrace of Truth.


Watch videos with Aisha sharing and transmitting on different topics in videos from meetings, retreats, online events, live and online interviews.

Video Interviews

Interviews recorded as both audios and videos are available to you via the webpage.
Enjoy the conversations on awakening, Self-realisation and Embodiment.

Meeting Videos

Welcome to absorb transmissions and embrace your deeper resolve with video-excerpts
from retreats and public meetings with Aisha.

Meditation Videos

Welcome to absorb transmissions and embrace your deeper resolve with video-excerpts
from retreats and other public meetings with Aisha.

Satsang & Meditation Audios

Enjoy listening to audio with Aisha speaking on a variety of topics.
The audios are downloadable and can be listened to on your MP3-player, iphone etc.

Articles & Scriptural Transmissions

Over the last few years Aisha have occasionally enjoyed writing on different topics concerning
the Way of the Full Embrace. The articles are an offer of scriptural transmission.


An offering of Fullness ~ in the delight of a poem!
Enjoy the blossom of the depths and infinite vastness of dancing letters.


Quotes by Aisha are being shared via Facebook as a continuous reminder to your
Embrace of Truth. Some of these are offered in collection here, for your enjoyment.