Man & Woman
~ The unfolding Mystery of Love through Intimacy ~

Dear Courageous Lovers

I salute and welcome you to this Relational Universe, which has been created to guide and assist you on your Journey in Truth together; of Intimacy, Healing and Wholeness on your Way of becoming True Humans.

Your Journey together will demand Everything from you. And as the result, you will unfold in ever greater Union together as well as Uniquely as Man and Woman.

Your intimacy will require your Full and Total commitment to Truth and to the partnership ~ as an emergence of One and the same, wherein your full Will to Surrender is required in your engagement, with whatever arises needing to be Healed and Held. In yourself as with your partner.

If you hold the hand of a true partner, willing to enter this Dance of True Intimacy with you, I congratulate you both.

It is with Honor and Deep Joy, that I offer you this foundation to build your strength in your Self, as with each other, as Man and Woman in Love.

With Love,

(ps. The content of this Relational Universe, is equally applicable between same sex couples, wherein the wish to unfold in Truth together is existent).

“The writings on Man and Woman are the result of a lifetime of exploration in Love. From a very early age, the topic has been calling me to resolve its possibility of Harmony. I could even say, that all realisations in Truth, has been a bringing home of puzzle-pieces, which were needed, to unfold this human wisdom of our sustainability and co-existence. I have been Journeying with consort-work for a total of 5 years, so far, and it is my pleasure to share on the resolutions and Birth of Truth in the intimate relation.” Aisha Salem

Writings on Man & Woman