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Core Teaching

The Teaching

The teaching by Aisha Salem is based on the Totality of Reality. It includes all aspects of surrender; Awakening to Truth, Self-realisation and Embodiment. It carries forth the alignment between every aspect of Being; as Emptiness, Divine and Human.

The teaching by Aisha is based on her close to 15 years of uncovering Truth through every possible alley of realisation in uncovering Truth as the Source of Being through the dimension of Heart, Head and Belly.

It is a continuation of realisation, which doesn’t settle or stop at the recognition of Truth through any one dimension, but carries realisation, stabilization and therefore perception, through to a merging and full alignment between all 3 dimensions into Full Being as the True Human.

The alignment between all aspects of Reality unveils itself through our willingness to not only See Reality in One dimension, but to Deeply Merge With and thereby Be Born As Reality – as Being.

It entails a massive alteration of our human state – an alteration, which calls for an extensive evolution of our minds expanse as Clarity, our hearts expanse as Love and our human Depth in Wholeness.

The Awakening as Space, as Love and our education as humans happen through a radical surrender beyond identification; from the vastness of the Primordial Silence over our Universal Hearts and all the way into our human flesh by the birth of our unique souls. It is a call to Truly Merge with Reality across all aspects of our human lives in a way, which touches every part of ourselves and what is around us.

The Reality of Totality calls for us to Die through it and Become It. Something we cannot do without facing every fear within us; our fear of death, of life and of pain.

The Three Dimensions of Being

Pure Consciousness – realisation of Truth through the Heart-space

The realisation of Truth through the Heart-space gives way for the recognition of The Self (Self-realisation) through the purification of Consciousness. It is the revelation of Absolute Love happening in the emergence as pure Heart – the Universal Being. God.

To truly realise and stabilise as pure Consciousness, we must fully Die into the Fire of Love. Through the full and ongoing surrender, realisation becomes the revelation of Cosmic consciousness, in the burning away of the rim between our separated self and The Self. It removes every separation from- and limitation within Life itself.

In the total delivery, the Vibration of pure Life-force overtakes the body as the operation of the Impersonal Being of Love beyond the small self’s control.

The Full surrender rewires the body gradually, deleting past and conditioning. Through surrender we enter ever higher states of consciousness, lose the body-identification by expanding our Being deeply into the Universe, and in it pass beyond any human need to the revelation of pure Being’s Immortality. Our human body becomes the Heart of the Universe, breathing the Universal Life-force – pure Presence. God.

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Primordial Silence – realisation of Truth through the Head-space

The realisation of Truth through the Head-space gives way for the recognition of Basic Space (the Absolute) by merging into the Void of Blackness – the Source beyond existence. It is the revelation of Absolute Clarity in the emergence as pure Awareness, pure Mind.

To Truly realise and stabilise as pure Awareness, we must fully Die to Nothing. To the Vastness of the Beyond in the way, which eradicates Consciousness/Life in its totality, by the Absolute recognition as the Primordial Silence. It becomes the death of the Witness to the Emergence as Pure Mind – the Absolute and Bright Light of Brilliancy ~ Wakefulness beyond the experiencer.

Visiting Space – is not enough.
Tasting Nothingness – not enough.
Seeing the Absolute – not enough.

There is an Absolute Requirement of merging one’s Self fully beyond the beyond. A need for the stabilisation of Being in/as the Void, which implodes the Self into Absolutely nothing; reversing the Self into No-self, by death to the Vast Emptiness and Blackness of Oblivion.

It is the passing beyond the beyond by reversal of perception, prior to God, and  becomes the turn from Emptiness to the Infinitely Exquisite and Pristine revelation of the Primordial Silence.

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Black Light of Being – realisation of Truth through the Stomach-space

The realisation of Truth through the Stomach-space gives way for the Incarnation as Truth in form. It is the revelation of The Black Mother in the emergence as the Woman, as Matter, as Mother. The full arrival of intimacy between your Being and body-space, by the Becoming of the Truly Human Being (Truth incarnated in human form).

It happens through the final and total loss of control over our human existence, by our Meeting Everything in a full love of the Black Mother. In one way it is the agreement to total vulnerability, which leaves the door of the human open, for Her to operate HerSelf on highest possible Integrity and Love for everything.

Surrender to the Black Mother irreversibly burns any bridge back to control, as Truth propels itself down into our earthly vessel, the body becomes a holy grail ~ holding the Infinite Power and Wisdom of God.

The realisation as the Black Light of Being is our Embodiment. The coming together of the Beyond, the Universal/Impersonal and the truly personal/Individual, which brings All of realisation deeply into the ground. True Love beyond distinction between Light and Darkness, by the co-emergence of our biggest and smallest – our Divinity and Humanity – appearing in Silence of Space.

The Creator merged into the creation, born as ineffable Grace and Human sweetness with gentleness, compassion and patience.

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