Gateway is a cauldron of Truth serving dedicated travellers to walk strongly on their Path of being born as Truth in form with the teaching of Aisha Salem. The invitation stands as a connectivity-point, support and backbone ~ for you to receive support on your Way and connect with like-minded dedicated travellers with the extended offer of availability to the Gateway.

Support to the Dedicated

The embrace of Truth is a fully life-altering happening, which requires our All, and walking the Way can be full of tests and trials in sorting the True from the False, in letting go and achieving true understanding within our Beings, with which Life can move effortlessly.

The Gateway is an offer from Aisha Salem, of extended support for dedicated travellers aimed at supporting and strengthening their dedication, direction and resolve in the walk on their Way. It is a container serving to bring forth the deepest dedication and strongest commitment to the walk of Truth on their Way.

The Gateway offers both a community of fellow travellers and a supportive backbone, of events and offers, to support a strong direction and continuous deepening in Truth with the teaching.

The Gateway exists for you, who hold a deep inner resonance with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem, as well as the will to apply your Self, ready to or already walking the Way of the discovery and resolution of your deepest Truth, Life and Being.

Being in Gateway

As member of Gateway, you receive the Gateway newsletter 4 times a year.

Gateway currently operates on a closed Facebook group, where it is possible to enquire with Aisha Salem as well as interact with the community.

From start of 2018 the community and extended teaching will be moving through a portal called “Gateway Online”. The portal will be offered via 2 memberships, which each will serve with extended offers, for instance:

  • Access to community, forums, temple-space, toolbox and more
  • Updates from Aisha Salem
  • Extra material – in addition to the webpage and Youtube channel content
  • More free meditations
  • Monthly online meditations with Aisha Salem
  • Monthly digestion groups facilitated by the Aisha Salem team
  • 10% off the exchange on all Online retreats
  • and more


Entering the Gateway

Before enquiring into your entry with the Gateway, you are asked to carefully read the Terms & Conditions on working with Aisha Salem as well as make yourself familiar with both the Invitation, the Teaching and the writing on Authority & Humility.

If you feel deeply Called to enter Gateway and want to know more about the memberships, please submit your Gateway application below.

Soon to Come...

Gateway Online

is an online portal offering Full Support on the Way and deep engagement with both Aisha and the Gateway community. Welcome soon to a Library of extra materials, Asiah’s sharing in blog, Teaching Hall of enquiry, geographical location of Gateway friends and more.

Expected release end December/Start January 2018.

BASIC & FULL memberships

The coming Gateway Online will be offered in 2 kinds of memberships; the BASIC which gives simple access to the portal and the FULL, which offers monthly meetings online with Aisha, digestion groups cross community and more. The FULL membership is 12 EUR/month while the BASIC is a free offer.

Read all about it here from end December 2017…

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