Gateway is a cauldron and community, in which dedicated people walk in Truth with joy, coexistence, sharing and support. It is a conscious field of Truth, where realisation, healing, evolution and resolution plays equal parts in the Journey as held by the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem. You are invited to the Truly Raw and Naked, the Real and Vulnerable as a Way of Life in coexistence with Real People.

Walking with Aisha

The embrace and living of Truth is a fully life-altering happening, which invites for the unfolding of our lives as both the endless capacity of Being as well as the Truly Raw and Naked, the Real and Vulnerable. Something which requires us to face and dissolve through the Next Edge Always, for a deeper arrival in and as Reality.

The Gateway is an offer from Aisha Salem, of support for dedicated travellers, intended to make available the keys of consciousness for Living Reality with the strength of hearts passion, the silence of Being and the wholeness of our mature humanity.

Gateway offers both a community of fellow travellers and a supportive backbone, of events and offers, to support a strong and continuous deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem.

The Gateway exists for you, who hold a deep inner resonance with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem, as well as the will to apply your Self, ready to or already walking the Way of discovery of and resolution to your deepest Truth, Life and Being.

Being in Gateway

Gateway moves through an online portal for dedicated people walking in Truth, which offers extended teaching like monthly online meetings with Aisha, possible 1 to 1 Skype meetings with Aisha, digestion groups on base of the teaching and so on.

Gateway Online has gathered every aspect of being a traveller in Truth – from prayer in the Temple over enquiry in the Teaching Hall to communion and sharing in the LivingRooms, inviting to engage with the community.

Gateway Online

Engagement with Gateway takes place on an online platform called Gateway Online, which is an initiative by Aisha Salem made in cooperation with her team.

The core purpose of the platform is to provide people working with and walking in truth with Aisha Salem, a proper environment in which to engage with her and the community of dedicated travellers.

Gateway Online’s strongest feature, as a platform for people walking in Truth, lies in the extended access to teaching and sharing. This, among other things, is offered in the form of monthly online meetings with Aisha, option of 1 to 1 meetings with Aisha as well as monthly digestion groups with the community on the grounds of the teaching. To touch in with a profound field of Truth on a bi-monthly basis makes up for a deep joy in and support of the dedication in walking the Way.

Gateway Online offers the opportunity to engage in Truth, with a row of benefits:

  • The Gateway Community – incl. geographic locator for option of meeting
  • Ongoing blog-posts of sharing from Aisha Salem
  • Teaching Hall – an online space of enquiry
  • Participation in LivingRooms (forums) – for engaging with the community
  • Online Temple-space – a mutual space of prayer and offering
  • Online events with Aisha Salem – both monthly and on special occasions – like new years
  • Option of 1 to 1 meetings on Skype with Aisha
  • Monthly Gateway digestion groups – for cross community support
  • Cinema – with extra video material like meditations, Q&A-clips and bloopers
  • Toolbox – with practices and guidelines.
  • 10% off the exchange on all Online retreats
  • Gateway Newsletter

Being a part of Gateway can happen by subscription to one of two memberships in Gateway Online; a BASIC membership, which is FREE and covers parts of the above mentioned benefits, or the FULL membership with a 12 EUR/month exchange for inclusion of all of the above mentioned benefits.

Entering Gateway

Before making your entry with the Gateway, you are asked to carefully read the Terms & Conditions on working with Aisha Salem. As well you are advised to make yourself familiar with both the Invitation, the Body of teaching and the writing on Authority & Humility.

If you would like to enter Gateway, you stand before registering on Gateway Online. Please use the link below to enter Gateway. Thank you.

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Gateway Online is an online portal offering Full Support on the Way in extended teaching by Aisha Salem and deep engagement with the Gateway community. Welcome to a cinema of extra video-material, sharing by Aisha’s, a Teaching Hall with opportunity of written enquiry, a Temple-space, geographical locator of Gateway friends and more.

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