~ A Cauldron of Truth ~
For the One Deeply Committed to Living Truth, this invitation stands as an Entry ~ a connectivity-point, support and backbone ~ for you to connect with other Dedicated Travellers, resonating and working with the teaching and Being of Aisha. Welcome to a Cauldron of Truth, serving you to Walk Strongly on Your Path of being born as Truth in Form.
An extended offer of availability, published material and more is open to the Gateway.
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Support to the Dedicated

The surrender to Truth is no Small Thing. It is a fully uprooting happening, which requires your All.

In Walking the path of bringing Truth to Life, you face many challenges. A Strong Wish can be there, but sometimes you may doubt, what the resolution is to different aspects of your mind, heart or way of Life.

In joining Gateway, you will find yourself being supported. By the teaching and Being of Aisha, your resolution and evolution can take strong leaps, and in connection with other Truth-travellers, holding the same non-compromising view on the Reality of Totality, you will find the option of connecting and sharing experience with people, who are also working to apply the depth of Truth, which Aisha’s Sharing supports.

The Gateway exists for you, who hold a deep inner resonance with the teaching and Being of Aisha, as well as the Will to apply your Self, to the discovery and resolution of your Life and Being. It is an offer of support to the dedicated.

If the invitation, the teaching and the writing on authority & humility  resonate with you, and you find within yourself the will to bring Truth to Life ~ the door to Gateway is open. Please read all 3 texts before writing to be signed up.


Being in Gateway

Once having entered the Gateway, you have access to the following:

  1. Newsletters with pre-access to sign up for retreats and online events, which usually have a limit on participants.
  2. Access to extra free material plus additional buy-options of Services to Gateway people, via closed webpage “Gateway Online” (once aired).
  3. Access to connecting with fellow Truth-travellers, via the closed Facebook Group “Friends of Gateway”, which is a supportive cornerstone in applying the teaching.
  4. Connection with Aisha’s Being and teaching with ongoing guidance in retreats.


Gateway Online is a closed section on this web-page, with login for the people in Gateway. It is currently under construction. Gateway Online will hold extra published material in terms of sound and video, recorded meditations, music-lists, writings by Aisha, practical information on retreats and more.

Retreats are open, but Gateway has first entry. With option of securing participation prior to the general public, you can ensure an ongoing flow of receiving and applying the teaching. Before signing up for any retreats, please read about retreating with Aisha.

Aisha gives retreat app. 3 times per year. The retreats are an invitation for you to enter into a Deep Working Space for your opening to Love, Clarity and for the deeper emerging as the Essence and wholeness of your Self.

In addition you are advised- and welcome to attend the online events, giving you the option of clarification between retreats. For dates, see the Schedule.


Entering the Gateway

Entering the Gateway is free. It is however required, that you carefully read the Terms & Conditions on working with Aisha, as well as make yourself familiar with the Invitation, the Teaching and the writing on
Authority and Humility – in addition to find in yourself the full commitment to walk with a life in Truth, before enquiring into your entry with the Gateway.

To enter the Gateway, you write an e-mail to the manager on with your full name, e-mail-address and country of residence.

In addition to writing the manager, being signed up, you are encouraged to write an e-mail to Aisha.

In this e-mail, you can share about your Journey, previous teachers and add a picture of yourself to get thoroughly connected. This is the best way to enter into the Work with her and to step fully into the cauldron of this Space, which her Being holds. Please send your letter to Aisha on e-mail