Work with Aisha
~ Retreating with Aisha Salem ~

To participate in retreats with Aisha is Entering the Sanctity of your own surrender. Of your Full Devotion to Truth, wherein the purpose of your human existence – your awakening, Self-realisation and embodiment – is the Only Thing going on.

Stepping into retreat, you enter the stream of your Life and a rapid evolution, by the grace of Aisha’s Presence and Being. You come to receive keys of consciousness, as you are ready for, and to allow their application as well as receive guidance, through Silence and Word, showing you into the strength of your own surrender.

All retreats with Aisha happen in social silence. This means all participants focus on their own process and keep from exchanging socially during retreat. Talking is kept to meetings with Aisha and all are a part of holding the retreat-space, which we open together in the wish to resolve, deepen and open.

During the retreats, time is spent with Aisha in meetings, wherein Life flows Spontaneously as ongoing satsang: Usually between sitting meditations, movement and dancing, Questions and answers, Aisha speaking, time in silent being together, being- and walking in nature, musical surrender and sharing and often something entirely unexpected…

The schedule during retreats can be:
10 am – 12 pm ~ meditations
3 pm – 5 pm ~ conversation
8 pm – 10 pm ~ movement

Usually days of meeting with Aisha in this way are surrounded by days of integration and digestion. Read more on the individual retreat.

Before signing up for attending retreat, please read the following:

Retreat Guidelines
Terms and Conditions

Join Gateway for ongoing work with the teaching of Aisha

Gateway is an invitation for the Deeply Committed to Living Truth, to take a closer step into receiving and learning from the Sharing and Being of Aisha. It is a connectivity-point, support and backbone to Walk Strongly on Your path of being born as Truth in Form. Please read more about Gateway.

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Please Note!

~ That attending retreat with Aisha can be a powerful and quite life-altering event.
~ That participants hold full responsibility for taking care during any openings, occuring in Aisha’s Presence, in a way as to respect the environment and retreat-setting. Disregard of this responsibility can cause expelling from meetings/retreat.
That Aisha does not receive people with previous or current conditions of mental illness in retreat, nor does she work with people in substance abuse. 
~ That entering retreat with Aisha, is saying yes for recorded dialogues to be published.
Please read the full
Terms & Conditions
for entering and being in retreat with Aisha.