Embrace Truth
~ Online Events with Aisha Salem ~

Online Events

 What & When

This is an invitation for you to join Aisha Salem for online transmission – to deepen your Being and resolve on specific questions relevant to your journey. Different online events take place…

Online Satsangs commence with a 40 minute visual guided meditation followed by app. 60-80 min. of Q&A on Awakening, Self-realization and Embodiment. You decide the level of engagement with Aisha, by choosing to just-listen or to engage by asking questions in the chat-window, during the Q&A.

Online Retreats can be scheduled over a weekend of attending a number of daily meetings with Aisha, in addition to following a guide of practice, while retreating at home.

Other Online Events can be a series of weekly summits on specific topics, or public talks on occasions like new years etc.

Time and details on all Online Events are posted via the Schedule. Please remember to check your time zone in good time before, to know your local time for the event. Please check your time-zone here: meeting-planner.


How, Exchange & Registration

The techincal solution used for Online Events is Youtube used as a streaming platform, with Google Hangouts chat-window for submitting questions to Aisha during time of Q&A. The events are managed in different ways ~ each described on the event found at the

To participate, you:

  • Sign up as requested via the event on the schedule.
  • Submit the exchange via paypal, on the given account, remembering to add your name, e-mail-address and name of the event, on the payment (as a note).
  • Receive confirmation and invitation with a link to the event (a few days before the event).


Your invitation e-mail, with link to the online event, will arrive as late as a couple of days before the event (except for online retreats, where guidelines etc. will be sent out in proper time for you to prepare for the retreat). If you cannot see the invitation in your inbox 2 days before the event, please check your spam-filter first and then contact us, if you still have not received. In case it has not appeared, please write on e-mail:
satsang@aishasalem.com and we will sort it out in time for you to join the event.

Submission of exchange has to happen before the closing of ticket, which usually is 2 days before the event (except for online retreats). Please do not submit exchange after the closing of ticket.


To Join the Event

To be able to submit questions to Aisha, during the Q&A, you will need a Google account. We suggest you log in with this account in the Satsang-space at least 15 minutes before the event starts, making sure you have your sound, video and connection up and running properly, and you yourself are ready and settled, in time for the beginning of the event.

If you do not have a Google account, please create one (with a new or existing e-mail). If you do not wish to create one, you can still attend the event, but not engage with Aisha by submitting questions. If you intend to participate more than once, we suggest you create an account.

As you use the link in your e-mail at 15 minutes before the time of the event, remember to sign in with your Google account. At arrival, please announce your coming by writing your name and country in the chat-window. Thank you.

Step by Step

Step 1: After choosing an event on the schedule, please check your timezone on meeting planner, to know the time of the event in your local time zone.

Step 2: Register by following sign-up instructions as found on the

Step 3: Submit the exchange via Paypal-account, noting the event name and your name and e-mail-address, as a note on your payment.

Step 4: Receive an e-mail with confirmation on your participation (up to 2 days before the event, except for retreats), with a link to the meeting.

Step 5: Prepare and write down any questions, which you might not remember once the event begins, but would like clarification on.

Step 6: When it is time, please use the link in your e-mail, and join the meeting 15 minutes early, allowing you time to login with your google account and settle down to be ready for the event.

Please remember to write your name and geographical placing in the chat-window, after logging in with your google account.