Work with Aisha
~ Walking in Truth with the teaching of Aisha Salem ~

You are invited to embrace Reality in an Intimate Meeting with your Self; Surrendering into the Essence and Truth of your nature as Clear Mind, Pure
Heart and a True Human Being.

Aisha’s teaching and Being is available in different ways, giving you option
to receive guidance and transmissions on your Journey of Awakening, Self-
realisation and Embodiment.

Based on your level of engagement, there are different ways of walking in
Truth with the teaching of Aisha. Please read below.

Who is Aisha?

Aisha is a woman carrying and sharing Truth ~ with the Ones Ready, Willing and Able to receive and bring It to Life. Through 1,5 decade Aisha’s dedication to Reality has carried her through the merging with God, onwards to Awakening beyond Existence and back into the Womb of Earth.
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Ways of walking in Truth with the teaching of Aisha

1. The Occasional Update
Videos, audios, articles and poetry are some of the publications available on this websitee, which are free offerings
to you ~ ready for you to Dive Right In and start Exploring, Investigating and Absorbing. The website is updated with ongoing publications.

2.The Ongoing Application
Adding to the free material available on this website, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel
for weekly video-releases, join the Facebook page for ongoing quotes and keep up with the month-
ly video-products released for purchase in the Webshop  just as you can join online as well as live-
in retreats, as found on the Schedule.

3. All the Way
As the further and final step of engaging with the teaching of
Aisha, you can add to the above by taking the final step of en-
tering the cauldron of Truth called Gateway. Gateway is a strong
container of fellow travellers, for the truly dedicated, wishing to
Fully Embrace life in Truth with the teaching of Aisha Salem.







Click the images to address the different ways of following the teaching of Aisha Salem