Embrace Truth
~ Walking in Truth with Aisha Salem ~

You are invited to Face Reality in an Intimate Meeting with your Self; Surrendering
into the Essence and Truth of your Self – as Clear Mind, Pure Heart and True Human

Aisha’s Teaching and Being is available in different ways, giving you option to receive guidance and transmissions on your Journey of Awakening, Self-realisation and Embodiment.

Read more About Aisha, see the Schedule or read below about the different ways of availability.

Who is Aisha?

Aisha is a woman carrying and sharing Truth ~ with the Ones Ready, Willing and Able to receive and bring It to Life. Over the past 14 years, Aisha’s dedication to Reality has carried her through the merging with God, onwards to Awakening beyond Existence and back into the Womb of Earth.


You can walk in Truth with Aisha in the following ways…

1. Videos, audios, articles and poetry are some of the publications on this webpage, which are free
offerings to you ~ available and ready for you to Dive Right In and start Exploring, Investigating and

2. Adding to the free online publications, you can attend public talks, online events and retreats,
found on the schedule, as well as purchase the latest products with Aisha in the webshop.

3. As the further and final step of engaging with Aisha’s teaching, you can enter Gateway,
which is a container of deeper communion, for the truly dedicated, wishing to Fully Embrace
Truth, with Aisha as guide.

Read more below on the different ways of receiving guidance via Aisha…

04 Satsang and Meditation AudiosThis webpage’s publications hold a Solid Representation of Aisha’s Sharing.

Watch; Videos with clips on topics and full-length Satsangs, interviews and meditations are gathered under this option.

Listen; To an extensive library of audios with chosen topics, full length Satsangs, interviews, meditations and more.

05 ArticlesRead; Articles, poetry and quotes, which are available for your enjoyment and deepening. All writings are scriptural transmissions and sharings from the depth of realisation.

Additionally, a book, video-products and more are on the way, and some already available for purchase in the webshop.

1 rounded_corners - alternative imageAisha regularly participates in interviews, speaks at conferences and makes other public appearances.

To join Aisha at a conference, you find all details about the event along with information on how to sign up on the Schedule.

Arrangements of such character are usually recorded and any recordings, videos etc. become available via the interview-pages of Watch or Listen on the website. Invitations to Aisha can be sent via e-mail, please see Contact.

3 rounded_corners - smallAisha occasionally offers online events, giving you the option to share Truth with her wherever you are. These events can be Online Satsangs, with meditation and Q&A, online weekend-retreats on different topics like Embodiment and other events.

When signing up for an Online Event, you find the description of the event and sign-up information on the Schedule. Receive practical information by reading about the Online Events. Participating in an Online Event can be as strong an experience as appearing in-person.

6 rounded_cornersAisha gives retreat 2 – 3 times a year ~ and often in connection with other events like a conference.

When joining Aisha in retreat, you are invited to enter into a Rapid Stream of your Life and evolution. The retreats are often 5-7 days and include accommodation. Please read more about Retreating with Aisha, and see the details of next planned retreat on the Schedule. To ensure space on coming retreats, please read about Gateway.

7 rounded_cornersGateway is a Cauldron of Truth. An invitation to the One Deeply Committed to Living Truth, in connection with other Dedicated Travellers, resonating and working with the Sharing and Being of Aisha.

Gateway offers an extended availability, option of pre-registration to secure space at retreats, access to extra published material with Aisha and more.

Please read more about Gateway.

NB: Aisha does not offer individual sessions, but is so far available on e-mail. Please see contact.