Aisha Salem
~ A Short Biography ~

Meet Aisha...

Aisha Salem is a woman of Truth.

Over the past 15 years, Aisha has been merging in deep realisation of and integration with all of the different aspects of Source, which can be uncovered in the embrace of Reality; Over Hearts Universality to Minds vast expanse and onwards Deeply into the Womb of the Earth. 

As the result, Aisha’s Being and teaching holds keys of unlocking our perception and Being to Reality in a multitude of ways, all the way to the hidden Core within us:

~ The Divine Masculine, or what is usually referred to as God, the pure Self, I Am, the Light, the Universal Force, pure Love, The Father.

~ The Absolute, also known as the Void and Emptiness of non-existence, beyond the beyond, prior to God, the primordial Silence, Space, pure Awareness.

~ The Divine Feminine, born of Him and Her; Black Mother and Deepest Feminine, the Force of Creation, pure Passion and infinite Gushing forth of Earth Wisdom – The Nurturer and Destroyer, pervading All realms of existence.

Aisha is an eternal student of Truth. A Crazy-Wisdom-Being aligned with and continuously deepening in the Totality, sharing with and facilitating us on our Journey, in ways incomprehensible to the mind and hidden to the naked eye.

Despite the multi-dimensional appearance of Reality, which the Being of Aisha is, she is also a beholder of The Great Innocence; of total surrender to Infinite Discovery of Truth appearing with us as the vulnerability, humility and endless equality, with you and me.

Below, a short portrait of the life and realisation of Aisha Salem.


A Short Biography

Aisha (; March, 1979) was born and raised in a non-religious family in Denmark. The beginning of her life played out under the flag of conventionality. After attending Business School and University, she established a family-life with marriage, motherhood and work. With all settled, it became obvious, that this life was infinitely unfulfilling for her Soul. A deeper calling emerged.

At the age of 23 the question “Who am I?” rose in her mind as the demand for Truth. In her surrender to Love of her Self as All, Life broke loose knocking down every illusion of individual and separated existence through 2 years of extreme spiritual unfoldment.

During these 2 years, her endlessly expanding consciousness sent her through daily trances, bodily burning, periods of bodily paralysation, resettings of her mind, loss of all body-identification as layer after layer of consciousness broke her Heart open, revealing the reality of the pure Self – as the very Spirit and Life of the Universe. Finally in passing the gates of God, a merging of her Being happened with Life itself. As the expansion brought the realization as Universal Consciousness, the answer became clear: God is Love is Life is Me!

A return to human living invited for integration through the solving of every puzzle Aisha still held on a human level, regarding life and living. At this point, in being a single mother in service as a spiritual teacher, she touched upon every aspect of living; including man/woman, parenting, family, friends and nature – all was embedded in/as the One reality of Life, of Love itself.

By the fulfillment of all desired aspects of her human life and living, Aisha was (8 years after the initial rise of demand for Truth) called into solitude of retreat. The calling into Silence invited for the final passing beyond the Self/God – to emerge as the Absolute Truth by dissolving and reversing perception into the Primordial Silence by solidification beyond consciousness – as pure Awareness.

For 2-3 years she was out of context, merging Only with the Void beyond Existence – A deep cultivation of Space, which flipped the God-realisation into Truth-realisation, by the implosion of pure Self into Space – from Love into Clarity by recognition of what is prior to God. It was a deep integration with and beyond the Head-space, which revealed Pure Mind as the diamond sharp Clarity of Source.

Aisha has, in her Embrace of Truth, unfolded as the Universal Force (the Self) as well as the Primordial Silence. The landing of her Being into the Earth is a gift of Uniqueness and deep Compassion towards human kind.

Aisha has been travelling the world sharing Truth in retreats, speaking in gatherings and facilitating people on their Way since 2004.

Aisha was born and raised in Denmark.

After these years, the reappearance of Life started happening as the emerging of the balance-point between Light (Life) and Darkness (Void) – Love and Clarity as One and the Same; born in and as the Black Light of Being – the Black Mother. A pouring of Grace deeply into her human form, calling for a total healing of ancestral wirings and meeting with the deepest human wounding, revealing the incarnation of the True Human.

Aisha is now once again sharing Truth with the planet – but now from the Reality of Totality.

Despite Aisha being a realised Being, her cultivation never ends: Her Truth body, Action body and Enjoyment body are ever emerging through deeper evolution and emergence as Truth in Form. As the Birth of Human Wisdom, which is brought to the planet in ever stronger sharing, through her work.



Through Aisha’s spiritual maturation, she has had the good fortune of receiving transmissions from some of our times Greatest Masters. All of which have appeared to commune with her from beyond the physical realm over year-long periods of time.

The Masters who have continuously merged with her Being through significant periods of time are Djwhal Khul (1,5 years), Longchenpa (3 years), Yeshe Tsogyal (2 years) and Padmasambhava (ongoing).

The intense communions with these Masters have- and are still revealing deep Buddhistic Knowledge, despite the fact, that Aisha has had no occupation with any religion or tradition in this lifetime.

In between this work, Aisha has of course been communing with Beings of different traditions like Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ananda Mayima etc. among several of the presently living awakened Ones.

Without assigning herself to a specific tradition, but in staying open to learning as Being from Source – Aisha has and is revealing the arrival of the Divine Feminine as Woman; by ongoing integration between the Pure Heart, Empty Mind and her humans integral Individuality – the eternal lesson, which is the Totality of Reality.