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Aisha will be offering
2 Online Retreats in June.
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Weekly Video-releases

The Youtube-channel
now offers weekly
teachings, as videos
released with different
topics of contemplation.
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The next video-product
“Pure Passion” will be
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Registration for the
next retreat in August
of 2017 is now open.
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Gateway is a Cauldron
of Truth ~ for the Ones
committed to Living
Reality in working with
the teaching of Aisha.
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The Invitation

Aisha Invites you to
embrace Truth with
Sincerity, Responsi-
bility and Dedication.
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Gateway Online

Gateway Online is an
upcoming website
for people in Gateway.
Gateway Online
will air as God allows.
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In the Deepest Caves of our humans, lies the seed to the most Radiant of Love and the Purest of Passion. The Birth of Truth calls us to This.

We have taken many alleyways in expressing Truth, and although each valuable in its own way, most of them have been a sidestepping on the Deepest Potential we hold as being both Empty, Divine and Human.

Not until Everything has been given over to the Return of Love in total innocence of Pure Passion, is the cycle completed. As minds, we can See the Truth – but as bodies… We can BE it… The Totality of Reality.

This website is an offering… an open door for you to Enter the stream of your Life, Love and deepest Truth ~ of being born to what you Truly Are.

Welcome to the work of Aisha Salem.


Now available in The Webshop.

Welcome to Truth with Aisha Salem
“A True Human is permeated by Truth. A transparent Human Being aligned with the laws of the Universe, treading every step according to the Way of Life – in total Nakedness of Truth.
A True Human is pierced to the core by Source – in every angle of herself. She isn’t caught in identification with any aspect of Source and yet Source is freely and readily available, moving through her as Grace by Infinite Capacity in Total Innocence.
As Clarity resting in the totality of All Knowledge – pure Mind. As Love resting in the universality of One Being – pure Heart, and as Power by rest in the womb-wisdom of the Earth – as the natural vulnerability and softness of being human.
The True Human is Ever New yet Always the same ~ living in Full Responsiveness to the moment, by the hourhand on God’s watch.” ~ Aisha Salem


Welcome to join us on Youtube for new weekly video-releases

15/4-2017 : Surrendering the Body

26/3-2017 : Meeting Matter as Love

16/3-2017 : Innocence & Power


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Articles, poetry and more on
Awakening, Selfrealisation & Embodiment
in a wide sharing of Human Wisdom
in Scriptural Transmission


Audio-recordings from meetings,
conferences, retreats etc. with Aisha
sharing on a row of topics regarding
Living the Totality of Reality


Videos with speech and trans-
mission in excerpts on topics and full
meetings, conferences, retreats
and more


Gateway is the Cauldron offered to you
as support for Walking Strong on your
Path of Truth with fellow travellers &
the teaching of Aisha Salem

Man & Woman

A Relational Universe for the Ones
Walking the Path by Intimate Relating ~
a sharing on the work of Man & Woman,
in their Embrace of Truth together

Work with Aisha

Discover the different ways
in which you can learn from and
receive by the Being and teaching
of Aisha Salem

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